Welcome to Classic Refuse Trucks (CRT), a site dedicated to the preservation of the history of mechanized refuse collection equipment. Through photos and articles, the mission of CRT is to document the evolution of this equipment from the earliest self-loading wagons right up to the modern high-compaction trucks of the 21st century. CRT is fortunate to have contributors from around the world, many of whom are involved in the hauling and refuse body industries.

Updates, revisions and news items are posted on the NEWS page.

As we approach a century of mechanized equipment, industry consolidation (in both manufacturing and collection) and evolving safety standards have conspired to push some designs out of the market, and off the streets forever. Though the modern refuse trucks of today are surely safer and much more efficient, many of us still have memories of interesting vehicles of yesteryear, when fierce competition spawned dozens of novel designs. Though many of the pioneering manufacturers are still in business, a great number of them have disappeared with the passage of time. This site will help to preserve the history of these bygone designs and manufacturers.

Additionally, the size, complexity and condition of older refuse trucks can be a major impediment to their restoration by museums and collectors. CRT will display restored vehicles, where their existence is known, and offer free advertising to anyone buying or selling antique refuse trucks. A list of known living classics and Restored Trucks is maintained at this site, accessible from the menu bar on the left side of the main pages.

I sincerely hope the site is enjoyable to all, whether you are an equipment enthusiast, industry professional or just a browser.

Eric Voytko,
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CRT VIDEO: The CRT-YouTube Group has been terminated, as that service has ceased carrying groups on its servers. Individual videos posted are still available at respective members personal YouTube accounts. Simply visit YouTube and use keyword searches (such as refuse or garbage truck). Below is a link to my personal YouTube page, which features many classic refuse truck videos:

Classic Refuse Trucks You Tube Page

From there, you may view my videos, or search for any others posted in YouTube using their search box for keywords or other members.


NEWS: The update page for the website with the latest additions to the site as well as member photos and articles.

PHOTO ALBUMS: Index of photo albums by manufacturer and feature articles here at CRT

THE REFUSE BODY DATABASE: One of CRT's newest features, a list of known refuse body manufacturers, past and present. Listed alphabetically with links to manufacturer websites (where available), related CRT articles and third party websites. Unlike the main pages, this list is updated whenever new information becomes available.

FILMS: Exhaustive list of motion pictures and television shows in which refuse equipment appears. Includes a list of factory and promotional films.

BOOKS: A list of printed matter related to the refuse industry

CLASSIFIEDS: A place to buy and sell antique refuse trucks, or post "want ads" for info, etc.

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