Cook Brothers Equipment Company

Later model Cook Brothers front loader with rigid lift arms and "rock shaft" fork coupling

Patented system used same pair of cylinders to raise body as well as operate the lift arms

Later model Cook Brothers on International Harvester chassis

Going through the motions at the Cook Brothers factory on San Fernando Road in Los Angeles

Truck 22 of Benz Disposal Co. was a REO with a later model Cook Brothers unit


    A trailer dump body was also designed for Cook Brothers Equipment by Henry Harbers. In his patent he explains that his trailer body was created for the transport of dry, pre-mixed material for making concrete or paving roads. Photos from the Bowles archive illustrate its effectiveness as bulk refuse hauler for construction debris and industrial rubbish.

Cook Brothers dump trailer with White 3000 tilt-cab tractor

Details of the hoist and stabilizer links

Drawbar dolly

Drawbar dolly uncoupled for fixed-location use

Hook for hydraulic lift cylinder

Loading factory refuse through side barn doors

Loading demolition debris from a refuse chute

Unloading at landfill

Cook Brothers all-terrain vehicle of 1942. A pair of Cadillac V-8 engines powered front and rear bogies, with chain drive

A 1953 Cook Brothers M-310 motor truck

One of the last Cook Brothers trucks: a 1962 M-310 with C-CB mixer

The first location of Community Bank, founded by Charles and Howard Cook in 1945


U.S. Patent no. (28284655) Henry C. Harbers, July 16, 1956 (Cook Brothers dual-function cylinder front loader)

History: Community Bank of Los Angeles, California

Obituary: Howard F. Cook     Los Angeles Times (1971)

Obituary: Charles E. Cook     Los Angeles Times (1986)

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