Route King II

    A major revision to the Dempster rear loader occurred during 1976, resulting in the designation Route King II. The basic concept remained the same, but the sweep panel was now sharply curved, imparting a scooping motion which lessened the degree of pre-crushing and dragging within the hopper. 18, 20 and 25-cubic yard models were advertised, with a full range of container handling options.

Cutaway showing the interior of the RK2. Note the new curved packer blade.

Packing cycle stages. "Interrupted Cycle" was a safety feature which would soon be mandated industry-wide

Video tour of a 2003 Route King II courtesy of FormerWMDriver
Special thanks to Trucks & Parts of Tampa for making this vehicle available for demonstration

Hand loading the RK2

An early RK2 on Crane Carrier "Centurian" chassis

Overhead winch and "kick bar" container attachments

Kick-bar could handle containers up to 3-cubic yards

Telescopic cylinder powered the ejector panel

Mid-1980s RK2 in use by BFI


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