Shelvoke Dempster
Letchworth, Hertfordshire

    In 1983, Technology Incorporated (which became Krug International) bought British refuse truck manufacturer Shelvoke & Drewry (SD). Krug began transformation to the American Dempster product line which had been purchased three years earlier, and renamed the company Shelvoke Dempster.

    The US Dumpmaster XHD front loader was merged into the new SD, as well as the Route Chief rear loader. Both were identical to their American counterparts, but SD Route Chiefs used weight saving aluminum panels in parts of the body. Route Chiefs could be ordered complete on SD trucks, or proprietary chassis of the customers choosing. Krug sold Shelvoke division to UK interests in 1988.

    In the years following the sale of Shelvoke, some Dempster products in the UK have appeared under the Dempster/Wastequip marque, and that of Fardid UK Ltd., a division of Farid Industries S.p.A., Italy.

Shelvoke-Dempster Route Chief on SD "P" series chassis, sold as a completed vehicle

Route Chief body mounted on a twin-steer Volvo F7

Dumpmaster XHD with Dempster/Wastequip badging

Dempster-Farid XHD

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