New Life Up North

    With the closing of the Loadmaster plant at Culpeper, Virginia, production was moved to the City of Norway on Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the 1990's. The venerable LM-100 series remained in the new lineup with only minor changes, but was discontinued around the end of the decade. Of all the original series, only the famous LM-400 has survived, a tribute to its rugged construction and popularity with demolition waste haulers. For many, it remains the "Ultimate Weapon" amongst heavy-duty rear loaders.

A Michigan-built Loadmaster LM-120 from 1998

Beefed up late-model LM-100 sweep panel, and curved-face ejector

The Mighty LM-400, Loadmaster's Ultimate Weapon since 1972


Detailed HD video of a late-model LM-425 in action courtesy of George Lanoszka


    Joining the classic 400 Series is an all-new lineup, starting with the compact Elite and the full-size Excel/Legacy series. These feature modern curved-shell bodies and slide-sweep packers with internally-located cylinders. Polymer blocks carry the slide panel, replacing the steel rollers used on the original models. The City of Chicago recently placed a large order for Excels, and an all-new Automated Side-Loader has been announced and will soon be joining the new Loadmaster family.

Bruce Polit inspects a new Loadmaster Excel, part of large order placed by the City of Chicago


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