Bemars-Maxon half-pack: the workhorse front loader of western contractors

    Maxon shored-up their product line when they purchased Bemars Inc. in 1972. The Bemars front loader had a developed a reputation in the western states for its quality workmanship, thus the well-known brand name, and the Bemars facility at Montebello, California, was operated as a subsidiary. New products were badged Bemars-Maxon, and this identification would last for several years. The full product line of half, full and top-pack front loaders was offered as well as roll-offs and transfer equipment. This spelled the eventual end for most of the Western Body & Hoist product line, which was mostly redundant with exception of the side-loading Shu-Pak. By the end of the decade, Maxon front loaders gained more of their own unique identity as their subsidiaries gradually melded. However, the Bemars influence would be more evident than that of Western, with models of ultra-light weight and high capacity.

In 1977, this Bemars-Maxon half-pack was one of 65 trucks in use by Jaycox Sanitary Service of Anaheim, California

Lightest of the lightweights was the Bemars-Maxon top-pack

Bemars-Maxon had reputation for quality; this top-pack was still in service for Baywest disposal only a few years ago

A view of the short plunger blade on the Baywest top-pack

Another Baywest survivor; a Bemars-Maxon half-pack

The acquisition of Bemars brought Maxon even more roll-offs

Massive Bemars-Maxon semi-trailer roll-off

Conventional roll-off tows another box with drawbar and dolly


Classic Refuse Trucks: Bemars by Eric Voytko, April 6, 2008


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