Ronald Perham Ltd.
London, England

    The Perham Hush-Packer was a very close copy of the Sita 6000 paddle packer, using a continuous-sweep packer blade oscillating within the semi-circular hopper. Australian Robert Henry Burgess was granted a British patent for this design in 1969, which differs from the Sita primarily in the paddle shaft drive. The Hush-Packer used connecting rods between the the packer rams and the paddle shaft. A full description may be found in patent GB1165090 at the European Patent Office.

    A single 19 cubic yard (14.5 cbm) body was listed, with a hydraulic tailgate and tilt-to-dump unloading. Packing system pressure was set at 1,750 PSI, and payloads were advertised as between 12 and 15 tons. How long the Hush-Packer remained in production is not known.

Hush-Packer discharging its load at the tip


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