Ray Gaskin Service
Pasadena, California

    If Bowles and Bemars were small independent builders, Ray Gaskin Service was perhaps the west coast "micro builder". Gaskin built and repaired refuse bodies for a half century at his Pasadena shop, going back to the days of when the open body dump truck was the norm. Starting in the mid 1950's, Gaskin-built mechanical loader bodies were being produced such as the rear bucket loader pictured above. This 1960 prototype features a rail guided bucket which was adaptable to hoist small containers as well. Though this non-compacting body may seem primitive even by the standard of the day, they nevertheless still found favor with may haulers and municipalities in the region.

    In the early 1960's, Gaskin had acquired an International Harvester truck franchise and was also selling Pak-Mor refuse bodies. But Gaskin was still custom building truck bodies, and worked with municipalities to custom design refuse systems to meet their specific needs. This Gaskin front loader from the mid sixties was built for the City of Pasadena, and was used in conjunction with a satellite vehicle system. The extremely agile and quiet satellite "scooters" scavenged the alleys, periodically feeding the massive 50 cubic yard loader. This system was also claimed to have saved fuel by transferring most of the "leg work" to the smaller vehicles. With standard flat forks, this Gaskin front loader could also be used for commercial container routes when not doing residential pickup..

    This later model Gaskin full-pack for Pasadena now wears curved Dempster-type lift arms, and is being used on a hand-loaded collection route. Gaskin front loaders were built at least through the 1970's, and though the firm no longer manufactures packer bodies, they are believed to remain in the equipment business at a new location in nearby Baldwin Park.

1978 RGFL-1 50 cubic yard front loader

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1978c Gaskin-Built Industrial Waste Front Loader

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