This good-looking front loader has been seen collecting refuse in Yosemite National Park in California. A non-compaction body, side forks and hydraulic tailgate are prominent features. Presumably owned by the U.S. Park Service, the builder of the body is not known.

UPDATE February 14, 2010:
An anonymous source has suggested that this truck and the Hollister Disposal truck may be remanufactured bodies. The source recalls that during the 1980's, a strict enforcement of California weight laws drove refuse haulers to radically trim the unladen weight of their existing refuse trucks in any way possible. Mechanics at Able Body Company's Los Angeles-area division reportedly specialized in converting older front loaders to super-light bodies, utilizing much of the truck's existing hardware and plumbing, but usually adding an entirely new box.

The source specifically recalls that Athens Disposal, Metropolitan Waste, and EDCO/Burrtec had several such conversions. Although the two trucks shown here have different body brace patterns, this may be somewhat irrelevant since these were all virtually hand-built customs, and the brace pattern may have varied even amongst products from the same shop. Two-axle trucks would likely have been the prime candidates, and top-pack or non-compaction type bodies would have been the lightest possible configurations to use in this application.

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