Quite obviously a Heil Mark III, or an imitation of one, for sale in Mexico. The body braces, ejector face and tailgate details differ from the original Heil, and seem to point to a copy, or perhaps a license-built version.

UPDATE: MARCH 26, 2016:
    Patrick McGee is regional sales manager for Joe Johnson Equipment in Innisfil, Ontario. He commented recently to Classic Refuse Trucks about the truck shown above, an unidentified Colectomatic Mark III copy which appeared in a classified ad in Mexico:

"This body looks like a Frink built packer body and ejector blade, with a Heil Tailgate which were produced under license for the Canadian market from the 1960s onward till the mid-80s. The founder of the company I work for, Joe Johnson, would have worked for Frink at the time. Unfortunately, the only guys that could conclusively confirm that it's a Frink have passed on, but it is strikingly like some I encountered as very elderly packers twenty years ago when I started in garbage truck sales."

While this truck has not yet been positively identified, it may indeed turn out to be a license-built Frink, or perhaps a different brand that was built in Mexico under a similar arrangement. Any further information about Frink packers will be published here if and when it becomes available.

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