(#Z314) 1950s-1960s Non-Compaction Front Loader

    This front loader is unusual in that it has its lift arms and cylinders attached to the body, and not the vehicle chassis as was done on the majority on non-compacting front loaders (NCFL) of this era. Also unusual is the cab shield, which looks modern than the usual box-like structure of NCFLs (possibly because this is mounted on a cabover engine truck. The loader arm also has an upward-curve, which would seemingly result in a higher fork height, perhaps indicating it was used for loading docks.

    The photo is from the S.Vincen Bowles archive, and may have been taken in their yard. However, the body could be of any make since Bowles also did repair work in addition to manufacturing. The license plate (reading "1040") attached to the body is most likely a rubbish hauler license for Los Angeles, as similar plates appear in images of many Southern California trucks of this era.

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