Able Body Co. (ABC)
Newark, California USA

    Able Body Company (ABC) was founded in 1976 by Ed Kouri, former owner of Bemars Inc., a few years after the sale of that company to Maxon Industries. ABC was established in the San Francisco Bay area to comply with a non-compete agreement with made with Maxon for the southern California market. Able produced one of the first ultra-light front loader bodies, often referred to as the "broad radius" style because of its gently curved sidewalls. Full-height partial pack or top-pack blades were available. Able also built conventional front loaders, drop-frame side loaders, recycling bodies and even developed their own automated loader arm.

    A branch office was established in Pico Rivera, ostensibly to provide service only, but soon became an independent entity and a builder of front and side loader bodies (see Able Body Sales). Ed Kouri retired in 1992, handing over the reigns to his sons Matthew and Tony. The high cost of operating in California, and confusion with the Pico Rivera Able led them to move operations to Texas, where the company currently trades as Bridgeport Manufacturing.

ABC broad radius front loader still in service after 22 years with Anderson Rubbish Disposal
Video courtesy of 3amrepmike3

ABC broad radius front loader working hard for Burrtec

ABC multi-compartment body

ABC also made traditional-style front loader bodies

ABC manual side loader owned by a BFI division

ABC side loader on a tandem-axle MR Mack

1990 Able Body Company ad

1990 ad showing the new ASL arm (click image to see complete ad in a new window)

1980s brochure image: manual side loader

1980s brochure image: broad radius front loader

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