Milan, Italy

        Bergomi is among the world's first builders of comapction refuse bodies, probably licensed versions of Rey and possibly Ochsner designs. The Bi-Pac was patented in 1987, featuring a swing-link type packer with a relatively short stroke and continuous cycling. The Bi-Pac was licensed to Jack Allen Motor Bodies (UK) where it was sold as the JA Swinglink. Inventor Giorgio Gasparini designed a similar packer in 1995, currently produced by Fratelli Mazzocchia. An automated side loader was introduced in the late 1980s called the Side-Pac, and was ultimately upgraded to a curved-shell type body. Bergomi has been absorbed by the Brivio Pierino group, which is itself a division of Farid Industrie S.p.A. since 2002. Although the Bi-Pac is still listed in the Brivio product line, it us uncertain if it actually remains in production.

Bergomi rear loader with dustless shutters, similar to Ochsner packer

Bergomi rear loader based on the Fernand Rey design of 1933

Bergomi Bi-Pac rear loader

Bi-Pac tailgate

Rear view showing packer cylinders and lower swing links

Early version Bi-Pac from 1982 with long upper links

Later version Bi-Pac with short upper links, located ahead of upper panel

Bi-Pac semi-trailer

2000 Bergomi Side-Pac automated side loader

Side-Pac loader arm


European Patent no. 0096014A2, Emilio Alberti and Giorgio Gasparini
May 27, 1982 (Early version: Bergomi Bi-Pac rear loader with long upper links)

European Patent no. 0285582A2, Giorgio Gasparini
April 1, 1987 (Later version: Bergomi Bi-Pac rear loader with short upper links)

European Patent no. 0297058B1, Giorgio Gasparini
June 23, 1987 (Bergomi Side-Pac automated side loader)

European Patent no. 0312900B1, Giorgio Gasparini
October 23, 1987 (Bergomi Side-Pac loader arm)

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