Fortschritt Erntemaschinen GmbH
Neustadt, Germany

    This company, whose name translates in English to Progress Harvesting Machines has a history of making agricultural equipment dating to the 1800s. Located in Saxony in eastern Germany, the factory was nationalized following World War II and the division of that country. With reunification in 1990, Fortschritt once again sold to the larger German market, and for a brief time made a rear loading refuse packer. This was a conventional slide-sweep design in 19, 21 or 23-cubic meter sizes for residential or commercial service. The rear loader was short-lived, believed to have ceased around 2000.

Fortschritt FP21 residential rear loader

Fortschritt FP21 commercial rear loader with skip-type bin hoist

Tailgate details

Slide-sweep packer mechanism

Commercial tailgate structure differed to allow mounting of skip-type arm hoist

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