Lethbridge, Alberta

    Haul-All pioneered bear-proof container lids, and in the 1970s developed their own one-man collection body. The Model 10 was ingeniously simple, with a side loading trough running the length of the body which was raised up and into the body to compress the load. It remains in production as the M-Class side loader.

    In later years, this was joined by the Curbster, a dual side-loader which utilized the same concept as the Model 10, but with the hopper at the front of the body instead of the side. The Haul-All lineup has grown further recently with the debut of an auger-side loader (Twister) and a side loader designed for organics collection (Compak 25). In addition to their own bodies, Haul-All is also a distributor for the Wayne line of refuse equipment.

Fleet of Haul-All Model 10 side loaders, circa 1972

1980 Advertisement

Side loader with bucket raised and compacting

Rear view showing bucket penetration into body

M-series set up for dual-stream collection

Super Curbster side loader

SC1800 Curbster dual-stream collection body

Twister side loader with auger-screw compaction

CompPak 25 side loader, designed for organics collection

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