Wolfgang Knierim GmbH
Kassel, Germany

Above: the largest of the K3 series was the 10-cubic meter 100S

    Wolfgang Knierim specialized in refuse equipment at the small-end of the scale for urban collection and small-volume satellite operations. The Knierim K3 rear loader was produced circa 1980-1995 and used the Japanese Kyokuto Press-Packer system. This unusual packer mechanism is of the slide-sweep type, but has its sweep panel operated by large external cylinders acting against a linkage assembly and passing through curved slots in the hopper side walls. The slide panel is operated conventionally by two in-line cylinders within the tailgate. Available in 4, 6, 8 to 10 cubic meter sizes, it featured an advanced curved-shell body, foreshadowing a body construction method now applied to virtually all rear loaders. Bin lifts to 1,100 liter capacity were offered with the K3.

The K3 is easily identified by the large slots in the sidewalls for operating the sweep panel

Bin lift options and packing mechanism of the K3

K3 in action, captured on film by Jaap Mikkers

Type K3-40S (4-cubic Meter) with 100-liter bin lift

Type K3-80S with dustless bin lift attachment

Type K3-100S emptying an 1,100-liter container

Knierim curved-side body was advanced for its time

Small fleet of K3 rear loaders


Knierim K1 side loader could load manually from one side, and mechanically from the other

Ejecting load from the rear of the K1 body

The big K1-60S (6.0 cubic meter body) could handle bin sizes to 1,100 liter capacity

K1-60S with hydraulic rear door discharges its load into a larger rear loader

K1-45S (4.5 cbm) collecting refuse from city waste bins

Special K1-22L (2.2 cbm) for mounting on a standard pickup truck, shown here on a Toyota

K1-52L (5.2 cbm) dual stream, and a standard K1-33L (3.3 cbm)

K1-35L (3.5 cbm) with glass compartment, and K1-25W (2.5 cbm) skip loader body

K1-52W (5.2 cbm) with hook-lift chassis


K1-33E: K1 side loader(3.3 cbm) mounted on all-electric vehicle chassis

K5 side loader for collecting food waste

K1-17.40S, a special compact rear-loading body for waste collection from cemeteries

Type P1 stationary compactor with 1,100 lire bin lift

Type W90 mobile bin washing body

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