Cummings Refuse Collection Service

Hurricane, West Virginia USA

Ernest Cummings is a third-generation hauler from West Virginia, who restored the 1956 International (shown above) which belonged to his grandfather. It features a Hydro E-Z Pack body, and was recently sold to the Waste Pro Museum in Florida. This is a fine looking truck, and we look forward to seeing it when it is put on display with many other great classics.

Here are some old snapshots of Cummings trucks from Ernest's personal collection

1977 Ford w/Truxmore Pakker 18-yard body

Two Ford C-series with Truxmore and E-Z Pack bodies

Pair of 27-yarders: Ford Lousiville/Truxmore, Mack MR/Curbtender

Left: Dempster Dinomaster RO FL. Right: Junk 65 Ford with E-Z Pack, which was restored to a dump truck by Ernest

1965 Ford w/E-Z Pack 16-yard body

Similar truck from E-Z Pack brochure (20yd), close to what Cummings truck looked like new

1971 Truxmore Pakker

Mack MB with Leach 2-F front loader

1986 Truxmore 27-yard

1988 Mack MR Lodal front loader

1996 Mack MR Lodal

Ford L-Series with McNeilus

Pair of E-Z Packs: 1963 and 1973 Ford F-700s

Another pair: 1966 and 1973

Ford C-Series E-Z Pack front loader

Ford Roll-Offs: Black LTL, 1987 LN8000, 1997 LTL

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