1971 International Harvester VCO-190
with Leach 2-R Packmaster

Owned By Scott Blake
Big Bear Lake, California USA

This former Glendale, California truck is a perfect representative of the high-compaction rear-loading refuse truck of the mid-1960's through 1970's era. First, we have the International Harvester CO series truck, the quintessential public servant which was introduced in 1953 and became a stalwart of the refuse industry for two decades. With its wide, spacious tilt-cab and panoramic windshield, it is no wonder that the CO was the foundation for so many refuse packers. Developed by International, the cab structure was shared with other truck manufacturers such as Diamond-T/REO and Hendrickson. Scott's truck is a propane-powered VCO-190 with automatic transmission and Neway tag axle.

And what more can we say about the famous Leach 2-R Packmaster body, the rear loader that coined the term 'high compaction'. This 1971 vintage body showcases the classic 2-R features which remained virtually unchanged between 1964 and 1985; Push-Out ejection blade with open-front body, overhead oil reservoir, cross-braced body panels and the 'Union Jack' bracing which strengthened the sweep panel. The capacity is 25 cubic yards, which has always been the most popular size for the big Leach packer.

For more details on the 2-R Packmaster, see the Leach Album here at CRT

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