Restored Leach Refuse Getter
Owned by Tom Duckham, Modern Waste Systems, Jackson, Michigan USA

(Photo Courtesy of Tom Duckham)

This is not a vintage photograph, rather it is a current image of Tom Duckham's restored Leach Refuse Getter bucket loader taken at the Motor Muster Car Show at Greenfield Village, in Dearborn, Michigan.

This beautifully restored truck is the mascot for Tom's company, Modern Waste Systems, based in Jackson, Michigan. The body originally resided on an International Harvester KB6 chassis, which Tom's father bought from a salvage yard in Toledo, Ohio in the mid to late 1960's. Tom attempted to save the old truck in 2000, and though the old KB was beyond hope, the Leach body was not. He purchased a 1952 Ford F5 truck, restored the Refuse Getter body and the spectacular result is what you see here!

It is truly remarkable to see a vintage truck such as this in vivid color, appearing as the day it began service a half century ago. CRT thanks Tom for sharing his truck, and for helping preserve an important piece of refuse truck history. Look for more pictures of this vintage Leach in the future.


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