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January 6, 2008  
SCD photo tour/1966 Bemars (Bill Tetreault)
Unsolved #7 revealed: Towner Nu-Way
Packa-Van side loaders
California micro-builders (Scott Blake)
Graveyard Gar-Wood 720 (Zach Geroux)
Vintage UK iron and Dempster (Tim Byrne)
1966 Bemars Top Pack
April 6, 2008  
Bemars & Western Album updates (Dana Gregory)
The "A & P" Mystery Resolved?
Heil Mark V "live" sighting in USA
Memphis 1968 Revisited (David Lucas)
Norba KI-8 Alligator Photos (Dana Gregory)
UK Trucks; The Hemmings & AEC Files (Tim Byrne)
1960s SD Pakamatic
July 6, 2008  
The All New CRT Refuse Body Database
1978 Pak-Mor 330 in Providence
Nigel Hughes' project Revopak
Local Rubbish Spartan Half-Pack (Bill Tetreault)
UK Trucks; Peake Waste, Biffa, etc. (Tim Byrne)
1950 Roto-Pac
October 5, 2008  
David MacKrill Engineering
American LaFrance Refuse Trucks
Early 'Barn Door' Gar Wood Load-Packer
Leach Curbcruiser
Scorpion ASL
1973 Sheppard Hooklift

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