Index of 2012
Issue News Update Featured Truck
January 8, 2012  
San Francisco Scavenger Trucks
Daybrook RL Junker
Norba RL35 Replica (Gloomshadow)
Frank Vizcarra's 1953 International
May 12, 2012  
Jose Ghibaudo obituary
The Trucks of Recology SF (Gibson/Stewart)
Front Loader History (Geroux/Voytko)
Portland 2012 (Geroux)
New York Memories (McKeon)
Working KUKA model (Vermond)
E-Z Pack SL model (Erdman)
Netherlands Packmasters (Mikkers)
Inside the CDE RL (Nillson)
Love of the Colectomatic (Baker)
Leach Refuse Getters circa 1947
October 24, 2012  
Albert Shayne obituary
Pax-It side loader, LeMay trucks (Geroux)
Royal Refuse '64 Dempster (Geroux)
1957 Chevy Pak-Mor
Rob Beck's Refuse Getter project
Unusual Bowles Roll-Off
Archived Films
Martin Nillson's Norba RL-35 Replica
1986 Maxon Legal One Front Loader

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