Index of 2013
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1st Quarter
January 20, 2013  
French refuse trucks
Florida container trains (Young)
Valley Garbage junkyard (Geroux)
Daybrook in The Netherlands (van Lierop)
Dempster trade show replica front loader
1935 ReyLoader
2nd Quarter
January 21 through April 28, 2013  
International Harvester Trucks, Pico - New Albums
Dooley Brothers Mack Bulldog (Keshishian)
DSNY Films (Gallucci, heiltruckfan)
EZ Pack Hercules AFL video (FormerWMDriver)
Fernand Rey photo (Quin-Carpenter)
Dempster-Upgraded and Revised Album
Restored Leach Packmaster on Film
Lodal EVO custom-built model (Erdman)
1971 International Cargostar
w/Heil Mark III
3rd Quarter
June 15 through July 4, 2013  
Gar Wood FL-3000 at LeMay Museum (Geroux)
Living Classics in CA (Lanoszka)
Behind the Scenes-Dempster Western Division (Farlie)
Operating the Dempster FL (Blake)
Classic Refuse Dumps (Samborsky)
New Way car-eating video (Wilson, Kondash)
New Albums: Bennes marrel, Feka, Grange Freres, Hellmers, Knierim
1977 White Xpeditor
w/Gar Wood FL-3000
4th Quarter
November 17 through December 15, 2013  
New Links: West Coast Steel, Stilltime movies, Commercial Motor Archive

Fanotech closed? (Samborsky)
Gar Wood LP-700-9 rescued (Geroux)
Old AMREP MSL sighted (Budiman)
Collectors Corner: Tekno Geesink GPM3 (Ahure)
Micro-builder refuse trucks in Australia (Mike)
1979 Wayne Curbtender

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