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January 1-February 23   News
E-Z Waste Systems restored Refuse Getter (Beck)
Load-Master and Pak-Mor downloads
C & O Manufacturing history (Geroux)
Dempster Royal Dumpmaster brochure download (Geroux)
1985 E-Z Pack Goliath GL-370
May 17-July 30 News
CRT 10th Anniversary
Load-Master LM-120 replica (DeRose)
Video: Schaaf Museum Refuse Getter (Geroux)
Montana Junkyard Pictures (Geroux)
LeMay Trucks: The Final Journey (Geroux)
Replica refuse truck models (Collette, Vermond)
1972 Gar Wood LP-925
August 9-December 28 News
Dempster Route Chief (Haas)
Pre-production Gar Wood LP-900s (Seward)
Walker Brothers & Pagefield (Carpenter)
1968 Gar Wood T-Series Color Photos
Truck Rescues: Leach Packmasters, Dennis Paxit
1968 Gar Wood T140-RL

1977 Kyokuto Press-Packer

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