Index of 2015
Date Featured Truck
January 1-March 8   1971c KUKA 215 Shark
March 8-May 10   1968c Pak-Mor Load-Liner 200
May 10-July 26   1961 Ford/Gar Wood LP-513
July 26-September 27   Schorling 2-R Semi-Trailer
September 28-January 9   Haller Mullwagen

Date Archived News Items
January 1-3   News
Land Sharks of North America (McFeggan)
New Years Cavalcade of Pictures
January 24-March 8   News
Fuji-Gar Wood LP-101A
Replica refuse Trucks (DeRose, Gergory)
Return of the Auger
Dempster XHD 3rd cylinder (McDaniel)
Mystery Circular FL revisited
Cummings Refuse Collection
Glover, Webb & Liversidge
Ancient trucks of Pacific Northwest, and West Virginia
More on North American Sharks (Gregory)
Scott Blake's 1971 2-R Packmaster
May 10-July 26   News
BFI-WMI Graveyard (Gale)
Archive footage films (heiltruckfan)
Buca refuse truck images (van Lierop)
Dempster XHD 3rd cylinder (McDaniel)
Vintage 2R in NYC (Lanoszka)
Replica Load-Master LM-320 (DeRose)
Major changes to the CRT website announced
Gar Wood LP-500 found in Montana (Phillips)
August 1-December 27   News
Red Ball Demolition (Richards/Geroux)
Currahee-Heil rear loader
Gar Wood LP-900 and Hesston Pak-Rat found in Oregon
Georg rear loaders
Marangi 2-R Leach replica (DeRose)
Ochsner-type packers in Russia (Lanoszka)
E-Z Pack Super Hopper found in California

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