Issue Published Highlights
No.20 Spring 2012 Bas Vermod's custom KUKA models, Bryn Erdman's 1/34 scale E-Z Pack HCSL, Sighted: 1970 Child Guidance Loadmaster TV Commercial
No.19 Winter 2012 Gloomshadow's Norba RL-35 working replica, Stu Gralnik's hand-made Gar Wood Load-Packer, Barry Murray's Mechanical Horse
No.18 Summer 2011 Michael Paul Smith's Load-Packer model, Lion Toys Geesink Rolltrommel, French RCV replicas
No.17 Spring 2011 Darius Bode's hydraulic Schorling, Lego Leach 2-R, Tonka custom
No.16 Fall 2009 Pierre Colette 2R Leach replicas, Tekno Geesinks
No.15 Summer 2009 Pierre Collette Heil Mark V, Auction results
No.14 Spring 2009 Sebastian Dickau's all-hydraulic Schorling model, Auction results
No.13 Winter 2009 New Heil Colecto-Pak from First Gear Models, Auction results
No.12 Fall 2008 Pierre Collette custom FG models, Auction results
No.11 Summer 2008 Auction results
No.10 Spring 2008 Auction results
No.9 Winter 2008 Dana Gregory custom Bowles and GWL Musketeer, Auction results
No.8 Fall 2007 Tim Byrne ASAM Customs, Ray DeNicolo Customs, Auction results
No.7 Winter 2007 Pierre Collette customs (Part 3), Auction results
No.6 November-December 2006 Granite State Roll-Offs, Michel Ferro Showcase
No.5 September-October 2006 Pierre Collette customs (Part 2), Granite State 2R's
No.4 July-August 2006 Michel Ferro collection, Pierre Collette customs (Part 1)
No.3 March 2006 Tim Byrne collection, Sebastian Dickau Lego 2R, Jeff Alterman Tonka
No.2 February 2006 Bruder Toys Haller X2, Gloomshadow's Lego Robopac
No.1 January 2006 Jaap Mikkers collection

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