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FROM DAWN 'TIL DUST   The Illustrated Story of London's Tipper Lorries
By Tony O'Connor
Upfront Publishing (2007)
200 Pages with over 400 photos, some never before published

Review by Tim Byrne: This book makes very intersting reading. It is an in-depth story into the instigators of waste disposal such as Richard Biffa, Drinkwater, Sabey, A & J Bull, etc., all London-based companies. It makes very good reading for all vehicle enthusiasts interested in waste disposal vehicles.
GAR WOOD BOATS Classics of a Golden Era
By Anthony S. Mollica Jr.
MBI Publishing Company (1999)
128 Pages with photos and illustrations

Review: As the title suggests, there are no refuse trucks in this book, but a fascinating history of industrialist Garfield A. Wood, whose company became the early leader in rear loading packer trucks. A lifelong boater and racing champion, Wood invented the hydraulic hoist, without which modern packer trucks would not exist.
GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH: The First 100 Years of Leach Company
By David C. Leach and Tom Herzing
The Leach Company (1987)
209 Pages with photos & illustrations

Review: Leach is the oldest company currently building refuse equipment, and until 2002 had been continuously family-owned. This book traces their history from tool maker to the truck body builder synonymous with rear load packer trucks.
By Nick Baldwin
Haynes Publications (1987)
128 pages with photos and illustrations
ISBN 0-85429-622-0

Review (by Eric Voytko): Lavishly illustrated, in-depth look at Dennis vehicles, while not overloaded with refuse truck pictures, is nonetheless a fascinating history that will appeal to motor truck enthusiasts.

(submitted by Jaap Mikkers)
By Hinton J. Sheryn
Ian Allan Publishing (2000)
ISBN 0-7110-2755-2

Review: Dustcarts is an English book published in 2000. It contains all black and white photos of refuse trucks/ streetsweepers/ spreaders and so on. Really a collector's item.
(submitted and reviewed by Jaap Mikkers)
KALEIDOSCOPE OF SHELVOKE & DREWRY Six Decades of Specialised Lorries
By Nick Baldwin and William Negus
Marshall, Harris & Baldwin Ltd. (1980)
97 pages with photos and illustrations

Review: A history of England's beloved SD commercial vehicles with many photos of the fore & aft tippers, Pakamatic, and Revopak refuse trucks for which they became famous. SD built complete vehicles to a standard of excellence that perhaps will never be seen again.
By Barrie C. Woods
Trans-Pennine Publishing (1999)
48 Pages with photos and illustrations

Review: An overview of the history of refuse collector design in Europe with an emphasis on British builders. Well illustrated and superbly annotated, a must-have book.
By John B. Montville
Iconografix (2001)
126 pages with photos

Review: No doubt the finest photo book on U.S. refuse trucks with 126 full-page images dating from 1913. You won't be disappointed, another must-have book.
The Story of Mechanized Residential Refuse Collection in the City of Scottsdale Arizona

By Rick Pence
City of Scottsdale, Arizona (1980)
35 pages with photos

Review: Indispensable history, a must-read. Chronicles the saga of how automated residential systems came into being due to the ingenuity and perseverance of Scottsdale's visionary Refuse Division. Chock full of detailed photos and extremely well written.

Those interested may obtain a free single copy of this book upon request, while supplies last. To obtain a copy, send your name and address to RICK PENCE or JAMES LIVINGSTON at the City of Scottsdale, Solid Waste Management Division. Postage may apply if shipped outside the U.S.

SWM Division Webpage
RUBBISH! The Archaeology of Garbage
By William Rathje and Cullen Murphy
University of Arizona Press (2001)

Review: This is about the stuff that goes into refuse trucks, and you might be surprised by the conclusions of The Garbage Project which has been studying what people discard since the 1970's. Dispels many of the feel-good myths about recycling. A fascinating read from start to finish.
Article by Donald F. Wood
Issue #201 (June, 2004)

A great multiple page photo spread on classic refuse trucks by the late Don Wood (posthumously).
SAN FRANCISCO SCAVENGERS Dirty Work and Pride of Ownership
By Stewart E. Perry
University of California Press (1978)
236 Pages with photos

Review Perhaps the most thorough book written about the life of Sanitation workers. The author rode along with Sunset Scavenger of San Francisco in the 1960's. A fascinating look at the history of the scavenger system and the cooperative in that city.

By Pat Kennett
Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1979)
88 pages with photos and illustrations
ISBN 0 85059 328 X

Review (by Eric Voytko): An excellent history of Dennis, very well illustrated, though only featuring five photos of refuse equipment. A fascinating book for those interested in motor truck history in general or Dennis in particular.

(submitted by Jaap Mikkers)
Though many books have been printed for children, the following are either standouts or of possible collector interest.

By Gene Zion, Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham
Harper and Row (1957)

A classic featuring Stan the Garbage Man. Good illustrations of a Roto-Pac rear loader named Emily.
By Anna Ratzeberger, Illustrated by Walter and Maria Popp
Rand McNally and Company (1969)
26 Pages with Illustrations

Very basic book for preschool level children, notable for detailed illustrations of rare Gar Wood LP-800 rear loader.

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