No. 1, January 2006

Collection of Jaap Mikkers,
Zwolle, Netherlands

On the first and second photo you see a lot of Conrad models. My first Conrad was a Mercedes Haller X2 (old type). My first diecast model refuse truck was a Solido SEMAT Superpac/Robopac. Press mechanism looked just as the real vehicles which collected waste in my town (S&D Revopak mounted on a DAF chassis)

On the third photo you see the 1/87 scale models, such as Wiking/Herpa/Busch. For example there are 20 variations of the Haller "Schneckenmullwagen"

On the fourth photo you see a lot of different models.

Left Cabinet (photo below):
First shelf: Allan Smith models, UK Waste FEL/LEIGH REL/Sutton services REL

Second shelf: Russian models Handmade, FEL and different REL (Variopress) different scales

Third shelf: Russian streetsweepers and different Japanese/Chinese refuse trucks (Shin Meiwa bodies)

Fourth shelf: some landfillcompactors and old Playmobil refuse truck (first one of Playmobil was a yellow one)

Fifth shelf: you can't see it properly, but it is a incinerator with walking floor and S&D Pakamatic. And you know what; everything can be made working!!! You need a special drilling machine which you can put in front of model to drive to the belt; tip the load on the conveyor belt; and let the belt bring the load to the incinerator!! That's why some Matchbox models have a hole in the front and a pin on the bottom(to click on the road). I'll make some detail photos in future.

Right Cabinet:
First shelf: transport units for bringing the waste from transfer stations to landfills/incinerators and a model of the Mc Donalds refuse/recycle truck. All Mc Donalds waste in the Netherlands is seperated and recycled in Cardboard/French Fries/Green and Food waste/Cooking oil/non re-usable waste. There are 4 of these trucks driving 6 days a week in 2 driver shifts. Vehicles have different compartments for waste and in the back was A GPM2 body of 10m3 hidden. In the new vehicles is a Side-loader of TRANSLIFT is integrated, because the compaction is better than a GPM2.

Second shelf: very rare old DAF of tin which has many working details. This type of vehicles was in use in the 50's and 60's in Holland.

Third shelf: different Siku's Europress (Paris/Danmark/England/Germany/Holland/private companies), old tin model of a German Rotopress and a jigsaw of GPM2 (very rare!!)

Fourth shelf: tin models of different types

Fifth photo:
Mainly books and maps full of brochures/photos and so on. In the "mirror-shelfs" are mainly streetsweepers and recyling vehicles. The photos are from different places in Europe. Top photo on left is from 1985 and shows a truck of my town; blue/white DAF 2100 with (old) HALLER X2 body. Yellow one is a DAF 2300 (new type grill) with OCHSNER KS4 body. White one next to it is a special vehicle; Mercedes with OCHSNER body for bulky waste and a trailer behind that for iron waste


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