No. 2, February 2006

Bruder Toys Model 02660
Mercedes-Benz Actros 4143 with Haller X2 Packer

German toy maker Bruder has a winner with this giant 1:16 replica of the famous Haller X2 molded in soft plastic. A higher than normal degree of detail is evident in this model, comparing favorably with the famous Child Guidance Loadmaster built in the early 1970's.

Measuring nearly two feet in length, this will require a lot of shelf space for the collector but will display quite nicely in "Kommunal" orange. Features include tilting cab, twin manual binlifters (includes two bins), manually raised tailgate and an ejector panel operated by a knob on top of the body. And yes, it does have a working packer mechanism !

Continually twisting a knob on the side of the tailgate will automatically cycle the triple-plate mechanism which itself is nicely detailed with simulated hydraulic cylinders on the slide panel. The third panel (not visible) retains the compacted load after the sweep panel initially opens, and during part of the descent of the slide panel.

The main drawbacks are the ejector panel, which works well, but will only retract about halfway forward in the body. The packing mechanism is also somewhat prone to jams, mostly owing to the third packing panel; relatively soft paper is recommended.

Despite these minor flaws, this is an excellent collector piece which has no rival among modern toys. It is also an outstanding choice as a toy for any kid (ages 3 and up) that likes heavy equipment. Its realism, size, durability and simplicity should deliver hours of trouble free enjoyment. Price runs about $45.00 USD, and is available in toy stores and online throughout Europe and North America. A similar version has also been made in green.


Last month, Martin posted pictures of his latest Lego creation, a working replica of a French SEMAT Robopac refuse loader.

Editors Note: The MSN pictures of Martin's Robopac model have since been removed, however I have added a video of the truck shown above

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