No. 3, March 2006

Collection of Tim Byrne
Birmingham, England

Below are some of Tim's ALAN SMITH models:

LEACH 2-R Packmaster
A nicely detailed model built by Sebastian Dickau of Germany

Jeff Alterman liked the Bruder model featured in last months Collectors Corner, and suggested a similar type model of the 2-R Packmaster would be nice. I could not agree more, and hope perhaps Bruder will consider making some "classic" models in the future. Meanwhile, Jeff sent in a picture of a Tonka refuse truck for which he has found a practical use: junk mail collector! Yes, these large stamped steel toys, while generic in appearance are quite functional with their open roof designs and would look good on any desk. It would be quite easy to custom paint these toys (as many have already done) to specific colors of a local municipality or contractor as well.


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