Number 10, Spring 2008

All Prices in U.S. Dollars (USD) Unless Otherwise Stated

Starting off this edition (above) is a nice custom Tonka rear loader, made by combining the late 1950's style cab with the 1960's style paddle blade rear loader. This is a relatively easy switch, and arguably makes for a more handsome looking combination. The Tonka cab which originally carried this body was loosely based on the futuristic turbine-powered truck tractor prototypes made by GM and Ford, but this realistic looking combo is more like the typical sixteen cubic yard rear loader of the 1960's. It sold for $370.00 in late February.

Yet another custom combo was changed hands, only this time with a mid-1950's Tonka tandem-axle truck (shown at right). This one looks a little out of proportion though, with the rear axles set too far forward and a smaller cab. However, someone liked it just fine and bought it for $320.00 on February 27.

Here we see the Tonka body mounted on the very realistic Ertl International Harvester Loadstar chassis, which sold for $149.00. The Ertl model would also seem to make an excellent foundation for virtually any 1960s-70s custom refuse truck model

Stock Tonka front loaders from 1959-1960 continued to command high prices through early 2008, though no longer in the $500.00 ranges we saw last year. Still, several more examples traded for quite respectable sums:

This re-painted round-back Tonka front loader sold for $355.00
(December 30, 2007)

A square-back, unrestored, went for $360.00 in January

Even without a bin, this round-back still brought $371.00!

And yet another roundback, which has some scuffs but still has one bin, brought $340.00 in January

A contemporary of Tonka Toys was Structo, who cranked out dozens of variations of a bucket loader during the 1950s and 1960s. Reportedly, one of the toy company founders was a former Leach employee, who may have been inspired by their Refuse Getter.

This is a late 60's version, one of the last made, with a Ford styled cab. A noisemaker geared to the front axle simulated engine noise as the wheels were rolled, much to the dismay of many parents! Even though this is a somewhat rare paint scheme with a red cab, it only fetched $46.00

This green-cab version, also rare and in better condition went for $147.00 in March. The "Wynns" sticker is not original; it was an engine additive, and these stickers were applied to many a flat surface in the 1970s.

Here's a rather generic but colorful tin-litho trash truck from the 1950's by Wyandotte which sold for $220.00

The interesting thing about this DBGM Big Plastic truck is that it is styled like a 1960s Ochsner packer. There is no packer mechanism on this toy, but a good modeler could probably modify it without too much trouble. The toy measures approximately 15" in length, or about to scale with Bruder toys. They are affordable as well; this example. which was missing the rear trash bin, went for $15.00.

Another interesting toy is this $10.00 Ideal refuse truck, which bears close resemblance to the 1930's NYC Kurtz Conveyor, except for missing the escalator on the back end

Here's an unknown make, which I believe was made in East Germany in the 1960's. The Skoda truck carries a KUKA-style rotary body. This one brought in EU 152.00 (or approximately USD $220.00)

A rare Child Guidance Toys Loadmaster sold in March for $375.00. Though expensive, this is a far cry from the 700-1000 dollar figures of a few years ago. This one has a nice box, both trash cans and lids and (loose) decals. All that is missing is the the clear hopper cover, which is usually the first thing most of us remove anyway!

Shown at right is one of many versions of Japanese-made tin litho bucket loaders made in the 1950s and 1960s. Most interesting of all is the box, which is misleading with depictions of an early narrow-hopper Leach Packmaster on the right, and a middle 1950s version on the left! This 9-inch, friction-powered toy sold for $57.00 in March

The Matchbox King-Size series # K-7, SD Pakamatic is a faithful reproduction of the real thing, as were most Lesney toys of the 1960's. This early edition has a beautifully illustrated box as well. It sold for $28.00 on March 31.

Another true replica in 1/55 scale is this Dinky Toys model of a Bedford TK tiltcab with SD Fore and Aft Tipper body. This functional model enjoyed a long production run, but the one shown here is a very early example from about 1965.

In mint condition with the original box and dustbins, it fetched GBP116.00 ($231.00 USD).

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