Number 11, Summer 2008

All Prices in U.S. Dollars (USD) Unless Otherwise Stated

Just prior to publication of this issue, a remarkable example of a Marx City Sanitation Truck was offered on Ebay. This 13" tin-litho toy from 1951 is not all that rare, but one in such great original condition always fetches a high price. Having a super-rare box in great condition to go with it did hurt either, and not surprisingly, last-minute bidding drove the final price to an astonishing $1836.11 !

Shown above is the green version, which is actually the rarer of the two. With no box, but in excellent condition it sold for the bargain price of $153.13 in April

Here's another custom-built Tonka, which marries their 1959 Ford cab with the 1960s refuse body.
A really well done BFI paint job helped bring in $356.36 for this one in May

This is a rare steel bucket loader by Lincoln Toys in Canada. Despite outstanding condition, there were no bids against the $752.00 starting price in this late April auction

Structo bucket loader in rare green colors (circa 1968) was offered in April and brought $96.50 despite surface rust and playwear

Another Canadian entry is this plastic bucket loader from Reliable.
This sharp-looking truck, in well-above-average shape found a buyer for $236.38 in May

Highly prized Child Guidance model 2500 Loadmasters are still occasionally offered; This example was up for sale in April, in pretty fair shape with a worn out box.

The highest bid it could muster was $305.00, which failed to meet the seller's reserve

Banthrico Products: Left, Gar Wood LP-200 ashtray, with broken door hinge for $76.55 in April, and with hinge intact
for $103.50 in July; at right, LP-700 bank for $56.00 in May

Here's a Marx Bulldog refuse truck, it sold for $78.55 in March

A single AA battery powers the working headlamps.

Scale is about 1/75, roughly the size of a late 60s Matchbox Toy

From Germany comes this very very nice Siku replica of the Haller refuse collector

This is a particularly nice variation with a light yellow body

With bin and a crisp, original box it went for EU77.18 in May

Lastly, a 1970 Hotwheels Heavyweights refuse collector offered in June

Though not a particularly realistic model, early Hotwheels toys are highly desired by collectors, especially mint-carded examples such as this. Bidding went to $124.00, but failed to meet reserve.

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