Number 12, Fall 2008

Pierre Colette is back with some more of his custom built creations. Leading off is the fantastic modified First Gear Heil ASL. Pierre customized it by adding a Formula 5000 packer tailgate to make a replica of the Python Multi-Pack. You won't see this version on ebay!

Here are some more pics of the multi-Pack.
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Pierre has also recently created some more hand-made bodies, mounted on existing model toy truck chassis. What could be finer than an old Heil Mark V Colectomatic mounted on a heavy duty International Paystar 5000 chassis? The Paystar is in 1/32 scale. All other models that follow are 1/25 scale.

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Heil Mark V

Heil Mark V

Heil Formula 4000

Heil Formula 4000

E-Z Pack Goliath

E-Z Pack Goliath

Leach 2R-II Packmaster

Leach 2R-II Packmaster

E-Z Pack Goliath

E-Z Pack Goliath

Pierre has created many more custom refuse trucks which have been featured in past issues of Collectors Corner. Past issues are still posted online, and can be accessed by clicking on the Collectors Corner Gallery link at the bottom of this page.

Here's a realistic model that just hit the market, which features a functional paddle packer blade. These should be available at most department stores. Check ot the demonstration video below courtesy of GatorJake12

All Prices in U.S. Dollars (USD) Unless Otherwise Stated

A clean and complete Child Guidance model 2500 Loadmaster sold for $480.00 in early August. Nice examples like this will likely retain their value

Dean Forman found the CRT video of the Loadmaster YouTube and comments on the history of this rare toy:

"I believe the Child Guidance Loadmaster Sanitation Truck was distributed by Child World Toy Stores. Child World was a huge 1970's toy store that lost market share to KB Toys and Toys R Us, and subsequently went out of business. I saw the Load Master on a TV commercial when I was a kid in the early 70's "

A few days later in August, two more non-working but intact models were sold for very reasonable prices. The one on the left for $64.00, and the nice truck on the right, with a box, went for only $70.00. This is just about as low as I have ever seen prices go, at least for examples still in one piece.

Three near-mint and boxed Structo bucket loaders traded recently,
the first for $292.00 in early July...

..and then another for $278.00 later that same month...

..followed by this all-white version for $166.00 in August.

This is a custom painted Tonka Amrep front loader, a plastic toy that was originally molded in orange or green. It was repainted and labeled as Waste Management of Cincinnati, Ohio. Sold for $150.00 on August 4th.

Another Banthrico Gar Wood Load-Packer ashtray (with lid still attached) sold for $103.00 in early July. A similar example then traded hands for half of that amount on July 31.

The Matchbox series #7 refuse truck is a replica of a (British) Ford D-series truck, with SD Pakamatic body, which was mass-produced for many years beginning in 1966.

However, these carded versions (intact in original bubble packaging) are much rarer than the standard issue, which comes in with the box only. At left is a circa 1967 version which sold for $99.00 in August. Three more sold in September for $78.00, $80.00 and $97.00 respectively. At right is a transitional Superfast version from 1970 which sold for $66.00 in July.

Unfortunately, refuse toy collectors have to compete with collectors of the Lesney/Matchbox series, insuring high prices for the scarcer models. The good news is that standard issue versions of this toy are plentiful and relatively cheap, even for mint/boxed copies.

Even with wear and rust, this Canadian-made Lincoln Toys bucket loader sold for $203.00 in late September

According to the seller, this Marx tin refuse truck in the rare green color was once on display in the sample room at the Marx factory in Glendale, West Virginia. Price was $345.00 in early October.

Here's one for the New York City contingent; an official DSNY patch from the World's Fair held in that city in 1939.

Two of these were offered and sold for $57.00 and $39.00 respectively.

A sharp-looking Dempster belt buckle brought $20.00 in July.

This is a nice looking piece that doesn't seem to be that common. I would guess the vintage to be 1970's or 80's

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