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Well, after much discussion on the CRT bulletin board regarding which truck we would like to see immortalized in 1/34 scale plastic, it seems someone has stepped up to the plate with a molding fee for this realistic replica of a 1950's vintage Heil Colecto-Pak bucket loader. Allied Waste may have commissioned this, since their colors adorn the first known release of this model. Firts Gear item number is 18-3764, though I would expect we will see many more versions of this one in the future.

Advertised for January delivery, the model appears to be a perfect replica and features a working bucket and packer plate, as well as a tailgate that opens and a body that tips. Body rides atop a classic Mack cab & chassis.

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All Prices in U.S. Dollars (USD) Unless Otherwise Stated

The much-sought Child Guidance Loadmaster continues to command high prices, at least for intact examples.

This one, which included a box with all accessories (not shown), sold for $500.00 in late December.

Lesser examples, such as the truck shown above are starting to sell for more moderate prices. This non-working but intact example, (with box) sold for $207.00 in early November.

The truck at left sold for $305.00 in mid-November. It was listed as complete with working drive, but the packer motor was inoperative. At right, a nice non-working example sold for the bargain price of $113.00 in late December.

In my own experience, the packer motor and drive tend to be the least trouble on these models. Far more troubles are encountered in the wheel drive gearbox, which also controls the ejector panel. Due to the lack of rear axle bushings, the axle shaft is typically worn through by the sharp edges of the tin gearbox. Also, the tin gearbox itself wears, causing a misalignment of the rear axle gear and drive pinion. Fortunately, the ejector will usually still operate after this occurs, but may become difficult.

To find one of these without rear axle wear is rare, unless the toy was never operated, or used only sparingly. Those looking for perfect examples should question sellers specifically about these issues, even if it is advertised as "working".

Here's a companion to the Load-Master; The Child Guidance Wayne road sweeper. These were sold at about the same time (1970) and even used some of the same hardware.

It features power drive, plus rotating street brooms and pick-up brush. This non-working example sold for $108.00 on December 21.

Some Pierre Collette custom models were sold in early October. These are custom built bodies mounted to standard model truck chassis. First up is this 1/32 scale Heil Power-Trak Commercial for $125.00...

...and this E-Z Pack Goliath, also in 1/32 and also selling for $125.00.

Finally, this fantastic Mack with a 25 yard Dempster Route KIng II in 1/25 scale brought $169.00.

These colorful Arnold tin litho fore & aft tippers consistently bring high prices. This one sold for EU 331.00 ($422.00 USD) on October 25th. These are replicas of the actual DAF trucks used in The Netherlands through the 1960's.

This BFI front loader paperweight found a buyer for $39.50 on October 27.

This is the first of two Canadian-made Lincoln Toys bucket loaders sold this quarter. This green and white version went for $224.00 in mid December. This toy was also sold in red and yellow color scheme.

The other Lincoln was this cabover version, which sold for $327.00 on December 20.

Another Canadian toy is this plastic Reliable bucket loader. It went for $20.00 with a broken bucket

Here's an authentic Shelvoke & Drewery badge, perhaps removed from the grille of a retired Pakamatic or Revopak. It sold for GBP 26.08 ($45.00 USD).

This Tekno Mercedes in 1/43 scale fetched $197.00 on November 23.

It is a replica of the KUKA rotary refuse body.

Ideal toy refuse trucks were made in several styles and color combinations. This Blue & yellow version with a rare original box sold for $57.00 in November.

This was a new one to me: a Tonka #690 bucket loader in all white.

The majority of these had a light or dark blue cab. A buyer paid $120.00 for this one in November

Another old Tonka bucket loader was offered in December. This is the round-back version hand had one detachable bucket. Final price was $280.00

Another somewhat rare toy is this Wyandotte tin-litho refuse truck, which measures about 17" in length. Price was $179.00 on December 20.

This is suitable as a planter or ashtray: a ceramic Pak-Mor side loader. Price was an affordable $23.00 on December 15.

Finally, from behind the iron curtain in the former East Germany comes this nice tin replica of a Skoda with a rotopress-type body. These were 1/25 scale models from about the 1960's made by a company called MSB.

Neither of these still had the bin which was dumped with the small lever. The example at left sold for $103.00. The truck on the right was an export version, featuring Dutch markings and an 'Amsterdam' crest on the body. It sold for EU88.00 ($63.00 USD).

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