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This may be the finest refuse truck model of all time; an all-steel, hydraulic powered Schorling 2R hand-made by Sebastian Dickau of Germany. In addition to the packer mechanism, it also has a power tailgate and ejector panel! The model is done in large scale to fit the Bruder M-A-N chassis.

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Sebastian Dickau has created a video of his Schorling 2-R replica in action. This all-hydraulic model was featured in Collectors Corner #14 here at CRT

Look for more videos on his YouTube channel in the future


Almost as soon as the Allied Waste version started shipping, another variation of First Gear Models newly released Heil Colecto-Pak bucket loader began to show up for sale. Wearing a light green color and marked "Dept. of Sanitation, Woodside N.Y., this one is otherwise identical to the original Allied Waste edition. Personally, I like this one better since the lettering seems more authentic for a truck of this period.

As reported in the last edition, this model is an exact replica of the real thing, and features a working bucket and packer plate, as well as a tailgate that opens and a body that tips.


Jeff Alterman forwarded CRT a link to an interesting YouTube video (shown above). This is a sort of 'walk-around' of the model (with narration and demonstration) which was made by Dean Forman, and gives a good overview of this popular collectors item

All Prices in U.S. Dollars (USD) Unless Otherwise Stated

This Child Guidance Loadmaster fetched $271.00 in February. The model was not boxed, but advertised as working perfectly. The SCA stickers are a nice touch.

Another boxed and working copy went for $455.00 in March. Note that it has the instruction sheet, both trash cans (with lids) and the rear hopper door

This is a set of Gar Wood jewelry; a tie clip and matching cufflinks in the shape of the Load-Packer 700. The set sold for $20.50 on January 1st.

This nameplate was listed as having been originally fastened to a 1966 Dempster Dumpmaster front loader. That would appear to be accurate, and the plate looks to be in excellent condition. It sold for a respectable $43.00.

The Marx Lightrucks Sanitation truck has been featured on these pages before, but until recently I had not seen a carded version for sale. Then in January, a New York seller listed two or three of these which sold for about $40.00 each. These were apparently leftover toy store stock. The toy is about the size a Matchbox series (1/75 scale) and replicates a Chevy/GMC cabover with a generic body which is vaguely styled after the Gar Wood LP-600.

Here's a Structo bucket loader, late 1960's version, with somewhat rare green highlights. It appears to be used, but in nice shape. It went for a reasonable $46.00 bid.

Another brand name emblem, somewhat more common than the Dempster logo shown above, is the Leach logo. This version is 20 inches long and made of heavy cast iron. A Packmaster or 2R would have had two of these installed; one at the upper front end of the body, and the other above the hopper opening (or centered on the hopper door, if so-equipped). Below the brand is embossed "LEACH CO. OSHKOSH WIS." This badge is the earlier version, and later variations have the subscript "GUARANTEED QUALITY" in place of the "Oshkosh" and may possibly be made of lighter material.

These cast iron badges have two bosses with threaded holes in the back to accept the 3/8" screws which fastened them to the body. Time and moisture often "marry" the steel screws to the iron, so broken-off screws are not uncommon. If you need the screw holes for display purposes, be sure to ask the seller before buying.

This sold for 20.00 in February.

The seller offered little details about this Heil emblem, which sold for $30.26. These badges (or variants) have been used for years, and are still current. They can be found on fuel tank trailers in addition to refuse bodies.

A nice boxed Tekno refuse truck sold for $147.00 in February. This is a 1/43 scale model of a Mercedes truck with a KUKA Shark body.

This 1/25 scale Mack model has a custom-made, generic rear loader body. An attractive addition to any collection, it sold for $77.00 in early February.

This scratched up Banthrico Load-Packer 700 bank still managed to sell for $56.00 in March

This was an amazing find: a 1960's Structo bucket loader, with a box and the hood sticker intact. High bidder won it for $352.00 in late March, but it has been re-listed and is up for auction as of this writing. The sticker advertises the fact that the toy was equipped with a friction motor noise-maker to simulate a diesel engine sound. It reads; "LOOK MA.....NO BATTERIES" Pow-r-r-r MOTOR SOUND BY STRUCTO

Despite the benefit of not having to buy endless supplies of Ray-O-Vac cells, I'll bet that Ma was sick of hearing the thing by December 26th

The tale of three Packmasters; Two 1970's Gescha versions went for $36.00 (left), $84.00 (middle). This is the original casting from the mid 70's, featuring the 2R body on a Mercedes-Benz cabover. At right is a later example by Conrad, which is the 2R-II version on a Mack MR. It went for $72.00

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