Working Replica Union-Bowles Front Loader
by Dana Gregory

Hand made from steel. 25-yard Union-Bowles front loader on White Compact chassis. Sliding packer plate.

Year built: Late 1975

Constructed of .023 bondarized steel, primed with zinc chormate primer and finished with Testors Pla spray enamel.

Tools used were: Aviation hand sheers, Black & Decker electric hand drill, 24" Connecticut box and pan bench brake, 110 volt Miller gun spot welder, 3 hand files, emery cloth and a ton of patience.

Metal coat hanger was used to simulate hydraulic lines and for hydraulic pistons, I used brass tubing for the barrel and aluminum tubing for the rods. Everything was cut, drilled and filed by hand. The average time to build was about 250 to 300 man hours.


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