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Films known to have refuse trucks depicted, but have not yet been reviewed are marked NR

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The A-Team; Season 1, episode #8 The Out-of-Towners (1983)
Nothing quite like Murdock and BA on trash duty...

Submitted and reviewed by Andy Inserra
The A-Team; Season 3, episode #21 Waste 'Em (1985)
Several front loaders shown, including what look like Bemars-maxon and Leach 2F models

Submitted by Travis Giles
Adam-12: Season 4, Episode 3 "The Grandmothers" (1971)
During last scene of the episode, a Wesco Jet front loader passes Reed & Malloy's squad car
According to Jim: episode #75 Trashed (2004)
Jim and another character are sitting in a container looking for the artwork of his daughter, which he threw away when he emptied his storage locker. There was an extended shot of them sitting in the container, and then being dumped in a front loader.

Submitted and reviewed by Valerie Smolar
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 2, Episode 8 "The Cadaver" (1963)
A medical student must dispose of a body. A brand-new Gar Wood LP-600 is shown going through a complete packing cycle, with audio (39:00).

Submitted by Paul Voytko
Alice's Restaurant (1969)
Arlo Guthrie gets arrested for littering and is forced to clean up the rubbish from the roadside location using a VW bus to transport the debris to a dumping station. At that site, a bevy of New York City Roto-Pac equipped trash trucks are seen dumping their loads. I think the trucks were Brockways.

Submitted and reviewed by Ray DeNicolo
The Anderson Tapes (1971)
Brief shot of Heil Colectomatic Mark III, man puts briefcase into hopper
The Art of War (2000)
Fleeting glimpse of a Heil Formula 5000. Maybe the same truck as is in Creepshow?

Submitted by Travis Giles
Badlands (1973)
In the opening scenes of the film, there is outstanding footage of a 1950's Gar Wood LP-200 in action going through partial packing cycles, as well as good views of the complete truck in motion. A rare look at one of the most famous classic refuse trucks of all time, makes you feel as if you've gone back in time!

Additional Scene

Submitted by James O'Rourke, review by Eric Voytko
Ball of Fire (1941)
I have not seen the entire film, but during the last few scenes of this comedy a Leach Refuse Getter is used to haul some criminals to the police station. The truck is marked as a New York City unit, but has been modified for the film with windows on the sides and front of the body. One scene is actually shot inside the truck body !

Submitted by Valerie Smolar, review by Eric Voytko
Batman: episode #77 Penguin Sets a Trend (1967)
The Caped Crusaders, encased in suits of armor are knocked unconscious by the Penguin, who hires a scrap dealer to haul them to the crusher. The scrap dealer just happens to drive a Bowles partial-pack front loader with over-cab loading arms on a beautiful International CO truck chassis. Sadly, the show missed an opportunity to show this classic truck in action: it is only shown driving into the scene.

Submitted by Walter Lewellen, review by Eric Voytko
Black Belt Jones (1974)
The finale to this Karate flick ends up in the L.A. County truck yard, where the hero beats up the bad guys and proceeds to load and pack them into a Heil Colectomatic Mark III. Long and detailed scene, perhaps the best vintage trash truck action scenes you will ever see in a feature film.
Blood Feast (1963)
Insufferable, low-budget blood & guts thriller is somewhat redeemed by final scene in which the bad guy is crushed in the back of an early 1960's Leach Packmaster. Suffers from poor editing of scene. DVD version has out-takes, and if one wades through them there are more scenes of the Packmaster in operation, but they are chopped up rather badly, and the best shot is filmed upside down !
Boneyard-Garbage, The History Channel (2007)
Two-part segment on collection and disposal scores extra points for vintage films of Leach Packmasters, including color footage of a type 1949 (small hopper) version in color. Docked points for MTV-style quick cut editing which is inappropriate and distracting.

Additional Clips: Video 2
Submitted by, and video courtesy of Travis Giles
Breaking In (1989) NR
The Burbs (1987)
Some good action shots of a 1975 Gar Wood LP-725-9 . This same truck has appeared in many movies and TV shows in recent times, and is owned by Cinema Vehicle Services of Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, it is no longer listed in their inventory and may have been retired or destroyed in some other movie.
Burn Notice: Season 3, Episode 1 "Friends and Family"
Pak-Mor rear loader collides with Ford Expedition

Submitted by Travis Giles
Child's Play 3 (1991)
Fiendish ventriloquist dummy (Chuckie) crushes unsuspecting trash truck driver in his own front loader in the third offering of this horror film series. Front loader fans will appreciate good footage of a Bemars-Maxon packer in action, inside and out with a good shot of the packer panel in motion. The producers have also embellished this truck by adding a rotary spiked drum inside the body !

Submitted by John Millman, review by Eric Voytko
Claudine (1974)
There is a profile shot of the hopper of a freshly painted GMC/Heil Colectomatic truck. You can hear the truck cycle, but the actual packing is not shown. There is a shot of Colectomatics entering the now-closed Hamilton Avenue incinerator in Brooklyn, and I believe there was one Roto-Pac.

Submitted and reviewed by Chris Richards
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
A beautiful red, white and blue Heil Mark III on Dodge chassis
Commando (1985)
In the opening scene, two men posing as garbage men on a Heil Mark III. They pull guns out of the hopper and shoot a guy.

Submitted and reviewed by Bruce Polit
Common as Muck (1994, 1997)
Comedy series about the lives and work of binmen. Aired in two series of six episodes each on BBC TV.

Submitted by Neal Setamon
Creepshow (1982)
In the second to the last scene, two garbage men find a Creepshow magazine. The men are loading a Heil Formula 5000.

Submitted and reviewed by Bruce Polit
Dan August: episode #26 The Assassin (1971)
At about 30 minutes, a scene showing a Wesco Jet front loader lifting and dumping a container.

Dallas: episode #4 Winds of Vengeance (1978)
Early in episode, J.R. Ewing and Ray Krebs are returning home on the highway, and a white barrel truck pulls on to the road behind them. Probably a Pak-Mor.
Dirty Jobs: Chinatown Garbage Collector, Discovery Channel (2006)
Host Mike Rowe makes the rounds with San-Francisco G-Men, features brief shots of a Dempster Route King II. Interesting look at some unusual collection problems encountered in that city.

Submitted by Ralph Driscoll, review by Eric Voytko
Dirty Jobs: 150th Episode Extravaganza,Discovery Channel (2007)
Featured persons from past episodes arrive for the festivities in refuse trucks instead of limousines! Appear to be Heil Formula 4060 split-bodies.

Submitted by Ralph Driscoll, review by Eric Voytko
Dirty Jobs: Exotic Animal Keeper, Discovery Channel
Mike takes an in-depth, hands-on look at the daily operations of Norcal's busy San Francisco transfer station

Additional Clips: Video 2   Video 3
Submitted by, and video courtesy of Travis Giles,Review by Eric Voytko
Dominick and Eugene (1988)
Plenty of good scenes of the business end of a Loadmaster LM-425HC rear loader on a Mack DM chassis. A beautiful truck, and good example of a typical east coast heavy duty refuse truck of the 1970's/1980's, but the film misses several good opportunities to show it in action, and ultimately we never get to see it crush anything.

Submitted by Chuck Franke, review by Eric Voytko
Earthquake (1974)
At least two Towner front loaders are seen on the quake-ravaged streets of Los Angeles.
Emergency: Season 3, Episode 15 "Messin' Around" (1974)
At 44:00 minutes, the paramedics are called to a rescue at a landfill where a couple of old front loaders are seen briefly

Submitted by Walter Lewellen
Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)
Some good scenes of an old E-Z Pack front loader, including operation of the hopper cover. However, scenes of Ernest inside the packer body were obviously made using a mock-up.
Every Which Way But Loose (1980)
Shows a front loader eating motorcycles.

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Exit Wounds (2001)
Fleeting scene of a Heil 3000 involved in a collision
Exterminator 2 (1984)
A recurring theme in many movies of the 1980s; trash truck versus hoodlums. In this case, the star is a vintage 2R Leach. Culminates in bad guy being threatened with compaction in the truck. (A Pak-Mor RL325 also appears briefly in one scene)

Jack from D & D Carting, NYC recalls: That truck was a friend of mine's, it was a 1979 Mack DM 600 with a 25 yard Leach 2R, the company was Alba Carting from NYC
Fantastic Four (2005)
The Rock busts out (literally) from a C & O front loader

Submitted by Travis Giles
The FBI: season 3, episode #23 The Ninth Man (1968)
An early morning robbery goes down, with the thieves impersonating garbage men driving a 1960 International/Bowles front loader. A pretty good scene, with the truck on camera more than usual for a TV show. We even see the rear door being opened with one of the packing cylinders visible inside.
The FBI: season 3, episode #26 The Tunnel (1968)
Bank robbers tunnel under an alley to break into the vault, only to be interrupted by a Bowles or Bemars front loader. Spectacular truck, though only a front view of about five seconds duration. Bonus points for rare and good looking truck.
The French Connection (1971)
In early scene on Randall's Island, a Loadmaster LM-300 is seen briefly handling a container while a Roto-Pac passes by in the background. Within the many scenes shot on location in New York City, both a Loadmaster LM-125 and a 2R Leach can also be seen if you watch closely.
Garbage Day (1994)
Children's educational video (30 min). Decent kids film that has some adult appeal as well. Heavy emphasis on side loaders.
Garbage Mountain, National Geographic TV (2006)
Documentary on the Puente Hills landfill in Los Angeles County, features scenes of front loaders in operation

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Garbo (1992 Australia)
A really good film with different refuse trucks. You really must see it. A collector's item for every garbage truck lover!!

Submitted and reviewed by Jaap Mikkers
The Getaway (1970)
Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw hide in a dumpster, and are then nearly crushed to death inside a front-loader. Good action shots from an inside-the-truck perspective !

Scott Blake comments: From what I recall, the chassis was a Diamond-T(REO) debacle... this is a later [ Wesco ] Jet type chassis with modified White compact cab. The body appears to be a Bemars full pack. I was told by a Bemars salesmen it was a custom order for a Texas hauler, supposedly the driver was the owner of the hauling company. Of course this is strictly rumour.
Ghostbusters (1984)
Fleeting glimpse of a DSNY Loadmaster 320 in background of street scene

Submitted by Travis Giles
Golden Earring: Instant Poetry, Music Video (1974)
Shows the group playing on top of a landfill. Also shows a 2R ejecting its load, and being this is a Dutch band, it is probably a Schorling 2R. Also shows something like a Loadmaster dumping. (Note: the other truck may be a Norba Hippo, but is not on screen for very long)

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)
Brief appearance by an early Leach Packmaster which flips over in a traffic accident. This spectacular White was bought at auction specifically to be wrecked in the movie. It is orange and bears Western Refuse markings on the door.
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)
A black front loader appears in an alley scene

Submitted by Travis Giles
Goodfellas (1990)
Two mobsters that got whacked are shown being emptied from a container into the back of a Leach (Alpha or 2R). Good sequence, starts after the helper hooks up the container and then starts hoisting it. Then the driver sees the bodies empty into the hopper and yells to the helper stop the winch.

Jack from D & D Carting, NYC recalls: It was Marangi Carting from Queens, NY....Autocar ACL with a 31 yard Leach 2R-II

Submitted and reviewed by Mark McKeon
Gordon's War (1973)
Seventies action movie was filmed in New York City and has some good packer scenes

Submitted by Al P.
Ham on the Street; Ice Cream (TV show/Food Network)
Years ago, if someone had told me I would see a Leach 2R-II on The Food Network, I would have been surprised....but here we are.

Submitted by Travis Giles
Harry O: episode #26 One For The Road (1975)
The scene: deranged attorney (Larry Hagman) versus private eye (David Janssen) in death race at California race track. The vehicles- Hagman: Porsche 911. Janssen: Peterbilt front load refuse truck. This is probably a Bemars-Maxon packer. Truck is marked as #43 for Pioneer Disposal and shows the phone number, indicating that this may have been borrowed from a southern California hauler in exchange for the free promotion.

Submitted by Paul Voytko, review by Eric Voytko
Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
Gorilla goes for a ride in front loader, which happens to be an old International CO series with a Bowles half-pack vertical-cylinder body. Outstanding truck with straight lift arms and right-hand drive.
Hawaii 5-0: episode #74: No Bottles, No Cans, No People (1971)
During a takeover, mobsters are disposing of the bodies of their rivals in the City incinerator, and using refuse trucks to transport them. The Bemars can be seen in limited profile through long shots down an alley, with only its front portion visible. There are extended scenes of the container being coupled and hoisted, though most of the truck itself is off camera. At least one shot filmed from the truck roof showing the contents spilling into the hopper.

Hawaii 5-0: episode #85: Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise? (1971)
Eco-terrorists commit acts of sabotage, including a scene where the Bemars FL empties a load of trash in front of what appears to be the State House. The approach of the truck is obscured by a wrought iron fence, and the dumping scene while good, goes by rather quickly. Another GMC steel-tilt cab COE with Heil Mark III body is visible in the background at the City incinerator.

These two episodes feature what appears to be the same Bemars half pack front loader on an International CO-200 chassis, and both may have been filmed at the same time. The truck markings identify it as Oahu Refuse, though that could be a fictional name.

Submitted by Chuck Franke, reviews by Eric Voytko
Heartbreak: episode unknown, ITV/U.K. TV (2005)
Aired June 5th, 2005. Opening scene briefly shows restored SD Pakamatic (Bradford) in background.

Courtesy of The Unofficial SD Site
Hefty Trash Bags: TV commercials (1970s)
A series of ads which aired on US TV in the 1970s with comic actor Jonathan Winters as sanitation worker. In many of the ads, a Heil Colectomatic Mark III is used as a prop. The earlier ads feature and all-white Mark III on a White Alleycat chassis, while later versions show a 25-yard on a White Compact tandem chassis, with orange trim. The latter truck was most likely borrowed from the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation.

With 25-yard on White Alleycat chassis

With 25-yard LA BOS Truck

With 25-yard LA BOS Truck
History's Mysteries: The Black Dahlia, The History Channel (1999?)
File footage of late 1940's Gar Wood Load-Packer and Leach Packmaster trucks leaving a large incinerator plant. Shot of two early Packmasters dumping at pit. Somewhat fleeting images, but rated high since it's very rare to see early Packmaster on film of any kind. (May have been shown under titles other than History's Mysteries)
I Dream of Jeannie: episode #1 The Lady in the Bottle (1965)
Tony must rescue Jeannie's bottle from the clutches of a Gar Wood Load-Packer 600. Somewhat brief but rare appearance by the LP-600. Completes about a quarter of a packing cycle before operator stops it. Real hydraulic pump sound.
I Robot (2004)
Fleeting glimpse of man loading a Leach Alpha rear loader

Submitted by Travis Giles
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Features several shots of Dempster Route King units in action during the day and at night. One scene actually has Donald Sutherland standing at the rear of one of the trucks, watching it go through most of the packing cycle. Great scene if you are a scale modeler wanting to replicate one of these packers! Also there is a brief shot of a Gar Wood packer (LP-700) in action. (seen from a 2nd floor window)

Submitted and reviewed by Chuck Franke
The Jackal (1997)
Detectives shown in a cemetary, with a landfill in the background. A Loadmaster 120HC is seen passing on the dirt road

Submitted by Travis Giles

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