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Films known to have refuse trucks depicted, but have not yet been reviewed are marked NR

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The Kids of Degrassi Street: Ida Makes a Movie (1979)
A Heil Colectomatic MkII appears in an episode, where you see a closeup of the packer being cycled in a hilarious sequence where one of the kids' beloved dolls is compacted in the garbage.

Submitted and reviewed by Kev The Rev from the CRT Message Board
King (1978)
Two men who are shown loading a Leach Packmaster in the Memphis truck parking lot in the rain. The men go inside the building to escape the rain, but are forced out of the building do to segregation rules. They went in the back of one of the trucks to have a cigarette, and the rain shorted out the truck causing the packer to operate killing both of the men. The movie shows the packer in operation before and during the time the men are in back of the truck. I don't think its possible for an electric short to start the packer cycle on a Leach. However I remember seeing a documentary film years ago on that garbage strike in Memphis, showing a fleet on Heil Mark III's. Those trucks did start the cycle by electric contact.

Submitted and reviewed by Bruce Polit

Editors Note: The Leach packers shown in the 1978 film were likely used out of convenience. Though Memphis had a large number of Heil Mark III packers, it is most likely that the real incident occurred in a Pak-Mor Lo-Boye trailer. See the Spring 2008 News Update for more details.
Kojak: episode #7 The Corrupters (1973)
A brief appearance by a 25 yard Heil Mark III, which is used as a "drop box" for stolen diamonds. Truck looks to be a thinly disguised Los Angeles BOS truck of the 1960s and 1970s.
Leave it to Beaver: episode #31 Beaver's Old Friend (1957) NR
Beaver tracks down the trash man to retrieve his old Teddy Bear. I have only seen still pictures from this episode which depict an open-top dump body with an interesting chain-driven container hoist.

Leave it to Beaver: episode #54 The Grass is Always Greener (1959)
Beaver hangs out with the garbage man's kids. Early in the episode, a good shot of the garbage truck is shown as it pulls up to the house. It is an open top dump body with what looks to be an Advance Rubbish Accumulator rear loader attachment.
Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
An E-Z Pack front loader, owned by Gerber Sanitation, totally smashes a taxi cab. Has about 3 or 4 shots of the truck.

Submitted and reviewed by Brad Newsome
MacGYVER: season 1, Episode #9 The Prodigal (1985)
Brief appearance by a Leach 2F front loader, could possibly be the same truck as seen in Terminator with a different paint job.

Submitted by Zach Geroux
MacGYVER: season 2, Episode #17 Dalton, Jack of Spies (1986)
MacGyver and friends take a wild ride inside a vintage Pak-Mor RL225

Submitted by Travis Giles
Malcolm in the Middle: Season 6, episode #110 The Standee
Hal argues with his trash man, who operates an automated side loader. Later, pandemonium ensues when son Reese takes the controls!

Submitted by Travis Giles
Malcolm in the Middle: Season 2, episode #22 The Mini Bike (NR)

Submitted by Travis Giles
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: episode #24 The Hong Kong Shilling Affair (1965)
Napoleon Solo and another agent are knocked unconscious and thrown into a trash dumpster, which is then emptied by a Bowles partial pack front loader. Features decent look at the approach, coupling and emptying of the container.

So they had Bowles packers in Hong Kong, huh ? Well, not likely: this was of course filmed on a studio lot in California, and this truck looks just like the Culver City truck from the 1959 Twilight Zone episode. By 1965 however, it may have been retired from service and owned outright by MGM Studios; for if this is the same truck, it no longer bears the city seal on the cab door.
Marcus Welby, MD: Season 4, episode #3   We'll Walk Out of Here Together (1972)
Around the middle of episode, during a scene in a hospital courtyard, a Gar Wood LP-718 on a rare Dodge L600 cabover is seen entering courtyard, then backs up.
Marked for Death (1990)
Steven Segal has a close encounter with a 1975 Gar-Wood LP-725-9, the same truck as in The Burbs
The Matrix (1999)
There's an old Peabody-Galion type rear packer on a White conventional cab & chassis. It appears briefly early in the movie; the bad guys try to use it to run over the heroine.

Submitted & Reviewed by Dane Jensen
Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Stephen King film shows two early WM front loaders crossing a drawbridge in the opening credits

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Men at Work (1990)
Though this screwball comedy centers around two ne'er-do-well garbage men, there are less refuse truck scenes than you would think. Features drop-frame side loaders of the type popular in southern California.
Mission Impossible: Season 1, Episode 10, The Carriers (1966)
A very fleeting glimpse of an old Gar Wood LP-500 or LP-600 rear loader. Could this have belonged to Western Waste?
Modern Marvels: Extreme Trucks, The History Channel (2003)
Excellent segment on the history of refuse trucks, with some brief views of a vintage Gar Wood LP-700 (01:30). Borrows a lot from John Montville's "Refuse Trucks", and that's not a bad source to tap. Only complaint is that their animation of the 1938 Load-packer was incorrect in its depiction of how the packing cylinder operates, but still accurately illustrates the basic system. In fact, they deserve credit for even attempting to illustrate the packer, which so often gets overlooked in these garbage truck segments.

Video courtesy of Travis Giles
Modern Marvels: Environmental Tech, The History Channel (2007)
A behind-the-scenes look at the processing of recyclables and refuse

Submitted by, and video courtesy of Travis Giles
Miami Vice: Season 1, Episode 11, Little Prince (1984)
In the first seven or so minutes when George is seen running across Hollywood Boulevard, a 1959 or 1960 ex-City of Los Angeles BOS IH CO190/Packmaster can be seen slowing down to stop. Tan/Brown paint.

Submitted and reviewed by Walter Lewellen
Monster Garage: Ford Explorer Garbage Truck, Discovery Channel (2002)
They transform a Ford Explorer into an automated side loader, and proceeded to compete against a real side loader.

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Most Shocking High Speed Chases 2, (2007)
Shows a Leach 2R-II Packmaster in a police chase from Seminole, Florida

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
Move Over, Darling (1963)
Doris Day almost collides with a refuse truck, a gigantic White with a large Bowles front loader body. Only a quick look, but in color!
Nie Lubie Poniedzialku "I Hate Monday" (1971)
A Kuka Type 210 emptying a bin, followed by a neat looking street flusher.

Submitted & Reviewed by George Lanoszka
NOVA: The Hidden City, PBS (1989)
Good action shots of a Heil Formula 5000 working the streets of New York City
Oceans Eleven (1960)
Good scenes with a fleet of early Leach Packmasters in Las Vegas. Action shot of one unloading at a landfill. Outstanding vintage trucks in full color. (these are the trucks mentioned in the book Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish by David Leach)
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
The great Sergio Leone epic about mobsters during the turn of the century and up to the 1960's. Although we dont see it on screen, it is implied that one of the characters to avoid getting caught, has ostensibly leapt into the hopper of a rotating auger-type packer mounted on a late 60's Mack R-series. The truck slowly drives past the camera and we see the auger mechanism grinding up its load.

Submitted and reviewed by Chuck Franke

EDITORS NOTE: One of the strangest refuse trucks ever on film, this appears to be a custom-built model which resembles a Leach 2R Packmaster, except with auger screws in the hopper in place of the packing panels
The Pink Panther (1963)
In the first seven or so minutes when George is seen running across Hollywood Boulevard, a 1959 or 1960 City of Los Angeles IH CO190/Packmaster can be seen slowing down to stop. Tan/Brown paint.

Submitted and reviewed by Scott Blake
The Plank (1979)
Silent comedy short, in which the character is almost compacted in a Jack Allen Colectomatic

Submitted by Neal Setamon
Random Hearts (1999)
With Harrison Ford. They find a body in my truck, a 1982 Mack RD-600 with a 25 yard Leach 2-R

Submitted and reviewed by the truck owner, Jack from D & D Carting,
Really Big Things: Really, Really Big Show, The Discovery Channel (2006)
It features a Cat landfill compactor, and shows several front loaders and assorted roll-offs.

Submitted & reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
The Rockford Files: Season 3, episode #8 Rattlers' Class of '63 (1976)
Angel tries to scam the owners of a hauling company. At 22:11, a scene at a L.A. landfill where a Heil Mark III is shown unloading
The Salvage Squad, Channel 4/U.K. TV (2003)
This is an excellent show, with good detail on the restoration of Steve Jones' vintage 1982 Revopak including a field demo of the finished product, and an interview with Steve.
Second City TV (SCTV) season 4, 1980-81
As part of 'Revenge' game show, garbage men are targeted. Brief shot of Heil Mark V

Sesame Street; Where Garbage Goes (circa 1970)
Minute and a half segment from the children's TV show, with a great look at some DSNY Loadmaster 320's in action, and at a marine transfer station

Submitted by Bruce Polit
Sesame Street; Recycling (circa 1979)
This segment features som 70's vintage Heil Mark IV's, Loadmaster 320's and even an old E-Z Pack MSL backing up at the tip. Great vintage DSNY video!

Submitted by Bruce Polit
Showtime (2002)
Front loader features heavily in armored car robbery

Submitted by westernwaste from the CRT Message Board
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em "Moving House" (1978)
A Dennis Bulkmaster is parked behind the moving van in a madcap moving scene

Submitted by Jamie Ligouri
Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)
Heavily modified front loader picks up, loads and dumps a police car

Submitted by Travis Giles
The Sopranos: Season 2, Episode 11 House Arrest
A Leach 2R-II dumps a load of garbage in the parking lot of a delicatessen
The Sopranos: Season 6, Episode 4 The Fleshy Part of the Thigh
Rival mobsters beat up a Barone Sanitation driver
Soylent Green (1973)
In a futuristic America, scoops are used for crowd control and collecting rioters, who are transported to a factory and turned into food. Some good shots of the scoops, which are not typical refuse trucks, but rather dump trucks equipped with P-B Loader attachments as used in street cleaning operations. Additionally, Heil Colectomatic Mark III rear loaders are used to transport the raw material to the food plant.
Stakeout on Dope Street (1958)
Two vintage trucks shown at a dumpsite; early 1950's Leach Packmaster and Gar Wood LP-200. One of these trucks was likely featured in the prior scene, where dope peddlers followed it because their contraband was inside. Unfortunately, this rare film was shown once on TCM and never replayed.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
When a Klingon ship from the future lands in 1980s San Francisco, sanitation workers are startled. Brief still shots of the business end of a Dempster Route King II.
Steelyard Blues (1973)
Several good vintage front loaders shown. In the first the clip, we see a garge full of Dempster Dumpmasters, though on the left is an unknown California-style FL, possibly even a Gaskin Built. The other scenes feature a half-pack FL, very likely a Bemars

Submitted by Ken Wright
Striking Distance (1993)
Pittsburgh PD use a 2RII for cover during standoff with crazed driver

Submitted by Travis Giles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
One of the characters, Shredder falls into the rear of the truck and is crushed up.

Submitted and reviewed by Jeff Jonas
The Terminator (1984)
An old front loader on an International COE frame makes an appearance in that famous opening scene when Arnie's T-800 first appears in Los Angeles after a travel back in time. The truck appears to be a Leach 2F

Submitted and reviewed by Chuck Franke
There Goes a Garbage Truck (1997)
Children's educational video (30 min). Kids film with emphasis on side loaders.
They Live (1988)
A man climbs into the back of an Amrep octo front loader, only to be dumped out again
Things That Move II: Garbage Truck, History Television/Canada (2006)
A documentary on the history of refuse trucks. Although CRT has made a small contribution to this show, it has not been reviewed since it is only available in Canada at this time.
Tommy (1975)
A brief shot of a Dennis Paxit packing refuse

Submitted by Ralph Driscoll
The Twilight Zone: season 1, Episode #33 Mr. Bevis (1960)
In an opening street scene, a Bowles Partial-packer front loader is visible background, with men emptying into its hand-loading bucket. The truck probably belongs to the Culver City, home to several major studios including MGM who produced this series.

Submitted by westernwaste from the CRT Message Board, review by Eric Voytko
V (Mini-Series on NBC) Unknown Episode # (1983)
Extended scene showing a White Western Star/AMREP Octo front loader used as an armored personnel carrier! Truck sports the old Western Waste orange and white colors.

Submitted by westernwaste from the CRT Message Board
World Party: Ship of Fools Music Video (1985)
Video shows a roll off or a hoist type front loader dumping at a landfill (near the end of the video)

Submitted and reviewed by Ralph Driscoll
The Works: Garbage, History Channel (2008)
Excellent ride-along with the DSNY, recycling and refuse trucks featured
Additional Clip: Video 2

Submitted by and video courtesy of Travis Giles
Wrecked   Off-Roading in Chicago (2008)
Heavy-duty wrecker upends capsized front loader on a busy Chicago highway

Submitted by Travis Giles
Wrecked   I Just Need a Good Wreck (2008)
2RII Packmaster loses a rear axle in pothole

Submitted by Travis Giles

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