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WANTED: Gar Wood "Slam-Door" Load-Packer

Waste Pro USA is looking for a Gar Wood "Slam Door" body. Mounted on a chassis is a plus, restored or restorable condition. Also looking for pre-60s garbage trucks to add to our museum in Sanford, Florida.

Please contact Scott Collier at 407-937-2668

or email: Scott Collier

FOR SALE: 1988 Ford F-600

370 gas, auto trans. A working truck that currently services 600 stops per week. Needs a little TLC. Ultra-rare classic Gar Wood LP-716 from the 1966-1971 era.

Located in Greenville, Texas

If you have any questions please call 903-217-9403 and ask for Jesse

Click here for more pictures and video
FOR SALE: 1971 International/Load-Master LM-300

Best offer, contact Michael Tully:

Located in Northern Massachusetts

Click here for more pictures and video

WANTED: Late 60's to early 70's
Leach 2R Packmaster body, 25 cubic yard

Pat Mele

WANTED: Looking for late 50s early 60s Pak-Mor

Round-body side loader. Restored or in restorable condition. Prefer with chassis.

Daniel Osborne
Amick Equipment Company

WANTED: Late 1960s-70s 18-Yd. Leach Standard Packmaster

This model can be identified as in the picture at left and has the modern ejection push-out blade system common during that time on the Packmaster

If you know the whereabouts of such a classic, please contact me,
Steven Peebles, at

WANTED: Dennis Paxit for preservation

Nigel Hughes is seeking a vintage Dennis Paxit for a restoration project. Contact him at the Members Area
or e-mail CRT if you can help

Wanted: Early type LEACH 2R Packmaster

Seeking early, hoist-dump type 2R Packmaster to restore. Though the tailgate assembly is almost identical to the later model 2R with Push-Out, the early 2R can be easily identified by its fully enclosed storage body with rounded upper front section. This type storage body is very similar to the standard Packmaster of the late 1950's. Also look for rear wheel fender cutouts. The photo at right is a typical example.

If you know the whereabouts of an early 2R, please contact Paul.

Wanted: Photos of E-Z Pack 20-yard front loader

Looking for a better image of truck similar to the one pictured: This is from a 1971 newspaper article showing a 20-yard version of the E-Z Pack FL as used in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Contact Walter Lewellen if you have a better image of this type of truck that you can share with him.


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