(September 27, 2015)
    Phase One of the Haller album has been posted (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page)

    This album is in progress, and will be continued. I didn't come close to finishing it, so I've decided to post what has been completed. This is heavy on the photos and light on the text, but what a group of photos they are! 40 images, mostly factory photos taken by Haller and Magirus Deutz. I have not seen any of these posted anywhere else, and I would like to once again thank Michel Ferro for sharing his amazing collection. Much more to come!

(September 20, 2015)
    Slow start to the H's, only three new thus week: Hagie, Hanans and Haul-All . (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page)

    Helix has been added as a separate page, but it is only a reprint of the existing article which appeared in the 2012 Cobey album. I will be splitting off more brands this way, with the same page appearing in multiple locations on the site when there is a "buy out" situation.

    I was ready to set my sites on Heil, but realize that Haller comes first, and this will take time. Haller is an important company, but I have very little hard data on their history. In a "good news-bad news" situation, I also have dozens of high-quality Haller photos (dating back to the 1950s) which were graciously contributed by Michel Ferro, but they have no annotation and it is going to be difficult to string them together to form a coherent picture of the company. It will be worth the wait, particularly for fans of European designs. With any luck, it may be ready by next weekend, but all depends on my work schedule.

(September 12, 2015)
    Now completed the G's with Gitsham, Gladco, Gingras, Gomez, Greer, GSH and Gulf MBR (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(September 7, 2015)   THE "STATE OF THE WEBSITE" ADDRESS

    Forgive my borrowing of a politicians phrase, but I would like to take this opportunity to recap what has been happening here at Classic Refuse Trucks.

    Beginning in June of this year, I began a program to update the site by posting reference pages or albums for every known manufacturer of refuse equipment. Up to that point there were already 66 manufacturers represented here, of the nearly 400 known, and listed in the Refuse Body Database. Starting with the letter "A", the "blanks" in the Database have begun to be been filled with entries, mostly short pages, but with a few larger histories (most notably Eagle, FAUN and Geesink). The depth of each page is dependent on the amount of information and material I posses on that particular make.

    Many of these entries can, and will be updated in the future, and I will consider submissions from anyone interested who has knowledge or interest in a particular make or makes. My familiarity with European and Asian companies is limited, and some of those pages will reflect this fact. However, I feel it is important to a least get something posted on every make, so that interested persons will at least be able to find something here at CRT, even if it is nowhere else.

    A case in point is the recently completed page for John Gibson & Son Ltd., Edinburgh. This was a fairly important player in the UK and world market during the 1950s and 1960s, yet there is scant little to be found on this company. That has been remedied today, with a nice little history and 16 images, including some from extremely rare Gibson brochures. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

The Gibson Pendulum

    All told, there have been 79 new manufacturers or updates added since June, and an untold number of new images. As I will soon finish the letter "G", I will next begin the letter "H" which includes Heil Environmental. Having been promising to finish Heil for several years now, my plan is to stop there and complete the Heil album before proceeding. This will undoubtedly slow down the updating process, but has to be done. Besides, working on all these smaller albums this summer has been an inspiration to me, and I think I can get it wrapped up fairly quick.

    Meanwhile, remember that the "Photo Albums" page is being phased out, and access to all manufacturer pages will be through the Refuse Body Database, where they are listed alphabetically. Here you will also find a running list of new albums posted during the last 30 days

    Happy Labor Day, and thanks for your continued support and many helpful contributions, which have made CRT what it is today.


(September 6, 2015)
    Georg and Gergen pages added. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(September 5, 2015)
    Continuing through the G's with Garwood Europe, GDA and Geesink (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(August 30, 2015)
    While cleaning up the E-Z pack album, I ran across the following on YouTube, which has my vote for "best video find" of 2015. An E-Z Pack Super Hopper rear loader, in working condition, filmed on the job at a trailer park. This is one model I never expected to see still working, having been out of production since the early 1970s. Kudos to West Coast Refuse Trucks for sharing this video, which has been added to a place of honor in the E-Z Pack album.

(August 29, 2015)
    Not as many as I would like this week, but constraints of time have limited me. Time permitting, will try to do a few more tomorrow. New albums are G&H, G-S Products, Gabler, Galbreath and Galion. The latter two are "re-runs", but I have added a few new pictures to each. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(August 23, 2015)
    Tough going through the "F's", but they are finally done. FAUN took longer than expected, due to their many acquisitions and affiliations across Europe. New pages today are Falck-Schmidt, Fanotech, Farid, Farun, FAUN, Force (derived from Alexander page), Fruehauf, Fuji and Fujicar.(see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

FAUN-Sita rear loader

(August 15, 2015)
    New pages for Brandyske Strojirny/BSS (which got missed) and Aspinall (taken from the Gar Wood album). Then, finished the "E's" with pages for Ecolotec, Econovo, Edbro, Edelhoff, Edge, EMI Tecno, Environmental Elements, Essloo, Eurovoirie, and Evans. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

Scammell Mechanical Horse tractor with Essloo refuse trailer

(August 9, 2015)
    Only one new album this week, Eagle Engineering, and apologies for the late weekend posting. In my quest to create a page for every marque, I will occasionally run across and important company like Eagle, which will take more time to compile. This was long overdue; Eagle history is almost non-existant on the internet, yet the company played such and important role in the industry (and technically continues to this day under the Dennis eagle banner). Enjoy this look back with 35 images. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(August 2, 2015)
    Finished the "D's" with two short pages for Dow and Dulevo. The Glover album has been updated, wit a new picture of the Transport Propeller. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(August 1, 2015)
    Diving into the "D's" at the Database: new pages have been added for Dadee, DaeKyung, DAF, Dempster Sales and DeMartini today. The Dempster and Dennis albums have been updated, as has BUCA. Herman has been separated from Daybrook.(see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(July 26, 2015)
    Not much new this weekend. After completing the first section (A through C) of the Body Database, I have been doing some behind-the-scenes "clean-up" of the CRT server. As this site has grown and the number of files has proliferated, this is necessary to help me maintain the website more efficiently. This is especially true with the influx of of new pages that have been added this summer.

    These changes will not be visible on most pages of CRT, but a lot of them are changing their URLs. Every album on the Restored Trucks page changed its URL this week, and this will result in "404 Page Not Found" if you access these via links on other pages. Similarly, using search engines to find these pages will result in dead links for a while. I will eventually try and restore these broken links, but for now they will get a lower priority.

    Did manage to create some new pages, some which were missed during the last sweep: Superior Trailer (recently discovered by Bill Tetrault), Calabrese, A & P Body (taken from Western Album), ATIA and Colecto (these two will be expanded with HEIL), Benlee and Converto. Updates to CWS and Accurate pages. I should start into "D" next week.

    From the mailbag, we have some interesting videos to share. First up is Tyler Gale, who found an old BFI-WMI graveyard in Texas, which includes a bustle-gate Lodal front loader:

BFI-WMI Graveyard

Next up, these are archive footage clips unearthed by Steven T (heiltruckfan) and myself, and contain some real gems:

City Garbage Pickup
Shot 7/5/74 in Minneapolis. Features a Gar Wood LP-825

From a 1970 film. Features a Gar Wood LP-718 and a Leach Packmaster

Landfill Closing
Shot 11/13/85 in Scott County, Minnesota. Leach 2-R ejecting at landfill, Gar Wood 716 in background

New York City
1985 clip of a DSNY Mack/Loadmaster LM-125

The Garbage Explosion
(YouTube) Entire 15 minute educational film, circa 1970. Lots of old trucks, especially tilt-dump Packmasters. A Gar Wood LP-820 speeds by at 07:03.

The Household Garbage-The Refuse Problem
(YouTube) Entire 12 minute educational film, circa 1962. I found this one (and the next one) after viewing the previous film. Excellent footage of I-series Pak-Mor packing a hopper load, and a 1st-generation Truxmore unloading at the dump.

A History of garbage Disposal 1920s
(YouTube) Entire 17 minute silent film, circa 1925. Interesting look at refuse collection and disposal technology at the dawn of mechanized methods.

(Some of the footage websites are a little flaky, and the video clips sometimes don't load. If you are using the Firefox browser, the Video Download Helper add-on works great, allowing you to save it to your PC and view easier.)

    Finally, from The Netherlands, Sjef van Lierop sent in a link to a site which has some color photos of a BUCA refuse loader in color, including a good shot of the hopper:

Afvalinzamelen Jaren terug
These were taken in the 1970s in the City of Genemuiden

(July 18, 2015)
    New pages have been added for COV, Crane Carrier, CTI, Cushman, Currahee and CWS today. This completes A-C. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(July 12, 2015)
    New pages have been added for Carrozzeria Moderna, Chagnon, Cleburne, Clyde Engineering, Compaction Systems and COS ECO today. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(July 11, 2015)
    New pages have been added for Bridgeport, Brivio Pierino, Broyhill, BUCA, Bynal, CAF and Carrie Systems today. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(July 5, 2015)
    New pages have been added for Bertsche, Bob's Services, Bosich and Boughten today. A revised CDE page was posted July 4. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

    Now, take a time-warp trip back to the 1980s, for a ride through the streets of New York in a Mack R with a 2-R Packmaster Push-Out, courtesy of George Lanoszka and Scocozzo Carting:

Click Here to go directly to YouTube if video does not appear above.

(July 3, 2015)
    New pages have been added for ARE, Basmaior, Bausenbach and Bergomi today. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(June 28, 2015)

    Pete sent in a bunch of images of the completed model, and it looks terrific. Check out the comparison photo of the real truck and note the exacting detail of this model in the LOAD-MASTER MODELS section of Collectors Corner.

(June 24, 2015)
    New pages have been added for Atrik and Automatic Loader today. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(June 22, 2015)

    I am happy to report that the truck featured on the front page of CRT has been purchased by Waste Pro for their refuse truck museum in Florida.

    New pages have been added for Atlas, Atlas-Weyhausen and Antonicelli added today. (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page).

(June 21, 2015)

    Just one new album this weekend, a revised Anchorpac page (see BODY DATABASE on the left-hand control panel of this page). The ownership chain of this brand is confusing, but I think I've presented as clear a picture as possible at this time. An identical page still appears as Chapter 8 of the COBEY album.

(June 13, 2015)

Summary of changes:
The page titled "PHOTO ALBUMS" is being phased out. The content of that page will be merged into the "BODY DATABASE".

Process has begun, and will probably take several months.

Reason for change:
    Since Classic Refuse Trucks was founded in 2004, the PHOTO ALBUMS section has contained a list of links to the various histories of individual refuse truck manufacturers here at CRT. Originally, there were six listed, and very quickly the list began to grow with the website. Currently there are 71 manufacturers listed on this page in a 'Hollywood Squares' format.

    However, there were an even greater number of companies known to have produced refuse equipment which had yet to be documented on the site. Thus, in 2008 I started the REFUSE BODY DATABASE, which is an alphabetized quick-reference list of all known manufacturers, with links to their CRT articles and/or company websites whenever available. There are currently over 460 companies listed in the Database, including the 71 makes listed in the Photo Album section.

    Maintaining these dual lists is time-consuming for me, and somewhat confusing for the reader. Therefore, the Photo Albums section is being merged into the more complete Body Database. In the future, access to the individual company histories contained on this site will only be through the Body Database. Additionally, I have already begun the process of expanding the Body Database by creating "mini-histories" of every company where documentation exists. These will mostly be just small collections of photos (in many cases, just one) for the purpose of have having a more complete picture of the industry available, like a "refuse truck encyclopedia" for easy reference. These entries can (and will) be expanded upon as more information becomes available, and time permits. I will also begin to phase in accessory manufacturers such as those making cans/containers and lifts, and expand coverage of roll-offs, landfill compactors and stationary packers on a limited basis. New albums will be listed (with date added) on the index page of the Database. Click on BODY DATABASE on the left-hand toolbar of most CRT pages.

    During the transition period when the two pages are merging, some makes will be deleted from the PHOTO ALBUMS page, and will be available only through the BODY DATABASE. I will post a reminder atop the Photo Albums page to this effect. None of the existing albums are being removed. Only the links to access them are changing. Remember that the BODY DATABASE will be the default page for all manufacturers.

    A similar consolidation was started several weeks ago at the CRT Collectors Corner, where refuse truck models and replicas previously featured in periodical format, are now being grouped by make (i.e. Gar Wood, KUKA, Leach etc.). However, I will be devoting most of my efforts to the Refuse Body Database, as I consider this the higher priority.

(May 10, 2015)

    The featured truck on the main page is one of the more surprising finds yet to emerge from the Northwest United States, and area that is evidently home to many great living classics. This 1961 Ford C-series tilt-cab is owned by Michael Phillips, of Troy, Montana. This running truck is equipped with a Gar Wood LP-513 which is in working mechanical condition.

    It may be difficult to fathom, but this classic truck was pulling regular refuse duty well into the 21st century, as Michael explains."It was owned by the town of Wilbur Washington (a small farming community) as their local trash truck, up to about nine years ago. Then it was auctioned off to a local farmer who used it for his family farm dump runs. His family moved away and he sold it to me."

    Of course, the C-series Ford was one of the most popular refuse truck chassis in history, from its introduction in 1957 right through the last models which rolled off the assembly line in 1993. During this amazing 36-year production run, only the most minor cosmetic changes were made, mostly to trim and badges. The cab was designed by the Budd Company, and had two headlights in its debut year. The 1958, 1959 and 1960 versions had quad headlights, mimicking the trend in passenger cars at that time, but Ford reverted back to two headlights in 1961, the year Michael's truck was built. Thus with exception of three model years, virtually every Ford C-series cab looked identical, from the Eisenhower era right up to the dawn of the Clinton years!

    The Gar Wood Load-Packer 500 series was introduced the same year as the Ford C-series (In March, 1957), but had a much shorter production run. In early 1959, it was replaced by LP-600 series, although the basic engineering of the design was unchanged, with its rotary sweep panel and swinging packer plate. The LP-510 and LP-513 (10 and 13 cubic yards) were the smallest of the series, and were narrower and shorter than the full-sized LP-516 and LP-520. They had one-cubic yard hoppers, compared to the yard-and-half sized bucket used on the 16 and 20 yard bodies.

    Since Gar Wood replaced the 500 series in 1959, Michael's vehicle is most likely the result of an older dealer-stock body that wasn't mounted until 1960 or 1961, or a refitting of the body from an older chassis to the one it currently sits atop. Neither scenario would be out of line with industry practice, either then or now. This body is also fitted with a Gar Wood Pax-All container lift, another nice touch on this intact and working original.


    Another accurate model from the hand of Pete DeRose is in progress, this one being a Load-Master LM-320. The 300 series was a mid-range rear loader introduced in 1967 as a smaller alternative to the original 100 series, and competed with the Leach Standard Packmaster and Heil Mark III. The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) purchased a large fleet of these in 1968 when they broke from using the Roto-Pac. The DSNY versions are recognized by the hazard light cluster panel attached above the hopper opening.

    Shown below is one of the first of the 1968 DSNY Load-Masters on a GMC chassis. In addition to the Load-Master 320, the Department purchased an equal number of trucks with Heil Mark III bodies that same year:

A page has been added for Pete's model at the CRT Collectors Corner in the Load-Master Models section.


    The Walker's album has been updated slightly, with higher quality image of the 1950 Paladin advertisement. Also better quality images of the Jekta telescopic body, and a more detailed description of how it worked. Hopefully, better technical drawings of this interesting body will appear in the future.

    The CRT Downloads section has been cleaned up, and I've added a 1969 brochure for the Gar Wood Load-Runner, and added a better quality scan of the Gaskin front loader sheet. This section may be accessed from the toolbar on the left side of most CRT pages.

For previous news items, visit the CRT Archive

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