Living Classics, Restored Vehicles and Old Fleets

This page features known restored/preserved refuse trucks and some junk yard pictures. At the top of this page are links to photo albums here at CRT. These are followed by a list of additional known vehicles, with links outside of the CRT website.

Please contact CRT if you have additional information on these or other restored refuse trucks.

C&L Sanitation
1980 Sanicruiser

Sunrise Sanitation
1978 Gar Wood 918

Thompson San.
1974 2-R Packmaster

Granger, Wash.
1982 ALF Heil 7000

Granger, Wash.
1984c IHC Heil 7000

1968 DAF KUKA Shark

P.H. Waste 1986

1972 Gar Wood LP-720

E-Z Pack
Super Hopper

Magic Valley
Hydro E-Z Pack

Magic Valley

Sunrise Sanitation
Gar Wood 925

Sunrise Sanitation
Hesston Pak-Rat

Waste Pro
Gar Wood 513

E-Z Waste Systems
Refuse Getter

LeMay 1977
Gar Wood FL-3000

Scale Model

Star Disposal
Heil 3000

Preserved Trucks
of Recology

Schaaf Museum
1950 Refuse Getter

Scott Blake's
1971 2-R Packmaster

Republic Services
Dempster 603-C

Country Sanitation
Gar Wood LP-716

MST Services
E-Z Pack FLD

Allied Waste
1952 Gar Wood LP-200

Daryl Gushee's

Michael Tully's
1971 Load-Master
Ankeny Leach

SCD Classics

Waste Pro Packmasters

Mason City
1951 Colecto-Pak

CWR Leach Packmasters

Tom Duckham's Refuse Getter

Heil Co./Ft. Payne
Heil Colecto-Pak

City of Scottsdale

SITA ReyLoader

Berliet Foundation
SITA, Grange Frères

John Capalongo
GW Load-Packer

Groningen Geesink

Bremen 2001

KUKA Shark

Frank Vizcarra
Scavenger Truck

Mill Valley Refuse
Scavenger Truck
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1960s Heil Colectomatic/DAF
Believed to be owned by Cleanmat Trucks of Andelst, The Netherlands. Body looks to be Heil Colectomatic Mark II or Mark III
1970 SITA 6000 Rear Loader
Owned by Classic Rent of Paris, France
DSNY Roto-Pac
Beautifully restored example of what was once the DSNY's most commonly used collection truck. Reportedly brought out for parades and special events.
19?? Leach Refuse Getter
Restored Leach in Waste Management colors, sighted in a parade in Westlake Terrace, Washington (about 100 miles north of Seattle). Believed to be a reproduction of an early 1930s Refuse Getter
1950? Leach Refuse Getter
Restored Leach on a Studebaker truck, seen at a Waste Management event in Joliet, Illinois.
1952 Mack w/Rendispos Bucket Loader
Working truck once owned by Laidlaw Industries, which was bought by Allied Waste
Not sure of whereabouts at this time
1958 Karrier Bantam side loader
Ex-RAF unit shown at the Sellindge 34th Steam Special, May 2004. A non-compression unit, nearly identical to the famous Lesney diecast model #38 of the same vintage.
Gar Wood Load-Packer LP200
1950s model on International Loadstar CO chassis. Packer is not functional. Owned by Waste Management of Detroit, Michigan.
Leach Refuse Getter
Later model on a 1932 Ford chassis was restored by Leach Company in the mid-1980s, and currently owned by Labrie. Reportedly, this truck is on loan to the Waste Pro refuse truck museum in Longwood, Florida.
Preserved SD Vehicles at the Unofficial Shelvoke & Drewry Website
Great Britain is home to several outstanding Shelvoke & Drewry refuse trucks, and this will link you to a detailed accounting at Brian Carpenter's SD page. Included here is a beautifully restored 1972 Pakamatic from Bradford, A sharp looking 1970 Fore & Aft tipper by way of Sheffield, and dustcart fanatic Steve Jones' famous 1982 Revopak. Steve is also restoring a 1986 Revopak.

Several restored SD refuse trucks appeared at SD Celebrated, in September, 2004. See Shauns Shelvoke Site for new photos

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